Sunday, September 13, 2009


Last night, I stood up the company’s Iftar Party. Iftar is the breaking of the fast among Muslims and an Iftar Party is being held to observe a Muslim culture where fasting is not only abstaining from food, water and sex from dawn to dusk but also as one of the pillars of a religion.

Sadly, I preferred to get a good sleep than feast on the food, which my doctor advised me to refrain from.

Before I fell into my slumber, I got my favorite blogger’s tweet wishing me for “happiness.” That made my first smile of the day.

Today, work was again up to the neck. I had to rush and finish the backlogs, such as the awards for the Top Three Call Center Agents of the month, payroll for contractual workers, pending insurance enrollments, applicants’ interview, administering applicants’ test, manpower budget review and after the time clocked at 3PM, my boss dropped the last task.

Ramadan Bonus for the Contractual Workers.

I rushed to do the thing. I saw the CEO and my boss signatures already on the papers.

Went to the figures after figuring that my name was there. Saw some figures higher than the figure parallel my name.

Went over it again. Five names had higher figures. It just one month basic salary and since I had been doing the payroll for the passed three years I should know better.

I conferred to my boss the observation I had before I left to escort his guest waiting at the lobby.

When his guest arrived, my boss agreed with me asking where the hell he got the figures.

Whew, I had to call the Finance Department in order for them to do some overtime work in order to have the printing of extra checks aside from the September salary.

I thought the Ramadan bonus was the only happiness that came into my life today.

When I arrived home, I rushed to grab a bite of the pansit and lumpia left over I had for breakfast. It is really so starving after a day of fast at work.

While eating, I boot up my laptop and when I saw an offline message, it was Beh.

He got a new cheap cell phone from the 11K pesos that ATS gave to him after jumping more than 40 feet from the ship to the dark blue sea and floated more than five hours in the Zamboanga Peninsula waters before he was fished out by a cargo ship while his cousin that was separated from him was plucked from the Malaysian waters.

“My SIM card is still working, please call me,” the message.

I rushed to call. I don’t know how many minutes it was but happiness brought tears into my eye talking to my baby. He is really alive and he still remembers and loves me.

"I nearly died but am still alive and I do love you," my partner said. I love him more than ever.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


It was 6:34.11AM today when my ym was ringing. I was only able to wake up during the last three rings. I had to connect my earphones fast to accept the call but the 30 second-ring was done.

I missed the call. It was my beh.

He left a note:

beh..ok lang ko,d2 na ako manila,txt nlang kta pag may cp na ako,na apil jud ka lunod tanan gamit nku,

parang ako na naman ang nalunod.

pastilan, dude!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


I could hardly believe that a ship carrying my ever dearest babe sunk. Three hours before life jackets were distributed my babe sent me an SMS urging me to call. It was the third SMS asking me to call him but the last one added, “habang may signal pa.”

Despite my 3 minute-call load left, I called my ever beloved. Di ko matiis, ang lambing at sweet kasi ng bebeh ko eh.

During our call he first described how he enjoyed the cold breeze caressing his face but told me the waves are strong and that their ship has stopped and there were no lights in the ferry.

“Madilim. Naka killing yung barko beh. Marami nga ang natakot at nagsigawan kanina,” he told me asking what the time was. It was five minutes before 7PM, Riyadh time. Almost midnight in the Philippines. He said they were already around Zamboanga after sailing in the morning from Gensan.

About three hours later, I was waiting for The OC to show when I chance a brief news that Superferry 9 is sinking.

I could not sleep anymore. I was late in reporting to the office and I could not count how many times I sneaked surfing the websites for news of the sinking ferry. I told three officemates about the incident as well as my babe’s cousin who is also working here.

While waiting for new developments about the ill-fated ship, I kept on hearing my beb's voice.

"Nag resign ako sa call center beh para pumunta ng Maynila at doon ako mag apply ng overseas job para magkikita tayo sa Riyadh," he told me last Friday when he informed me that he is going to Manila with his mother's sister and three cousins via a ship from Gensan.

Only at 4:47PM when I read his name on the list of rescued passengers that I cried so hard.

I love you beh. I could not wait seeing you in person, alive.

Thanks God.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Etong mga hinayupak na mga politico ay dapat ihabla at ikulong habambuhay upang di pamarisan.

Ayon sa balita ng etong si Prospero Nograles at Sixto Brillantes ay parehong mga walang grading Pilipino. Ewan kung saan nag-aral ang dalawang gunggong na eto at kung bakit inihahalintulad sa bakla ang mga ugaling di nila gusto sa isa’t isa.

Anong akala nila s amga bakla? Di marunong magdesisyon at nagpapabor sa inhustisya?

Basahin nyo ang balitang nasa ibaba at aralin nating mga bakla kung ano ang dapat natinggawin sa kanila. Now na.

Lawyer files ethics case vs Nograles, calls Speaker 'gay'
________________________________________ | 08/12/2009 11:41 PM

MANILA - Lawyer Sixto Brillantes has filed an ethics complaint against Speaker Prospero Nograles for failing to act on the electoral tribunal case against Laguna Rep. Dan Fernandez.

Brillantes even went as far as calling Nograles “gay” for allegedly siding with Fernandez.

“Para siyang babae,” Brillantes said referring to Nograles. “Hindi makapagdesisyon.”

Last May the House Electoral Tribunal deemed Fernandez unqualified to become a congressman for the first district of Laguna. The ruling said Fernandez failed to prove his one-year residency in the district.

However, Nograles has yet to act on the ruling.

Brillantes said that this has prompted him to file a complaint against Nograles before the House ethics committee.

"The other theory behind the Speaker's inaction appears preposterous but some quarters insist its true: the Speaker is gay and had fallen for Dan Fernandez," said Brillantes.

The lawyer even gave out press kits which said that Fernandez is Nograles’ type which is why the Speaker has allowed the Laguna congressman to keep his post.

Fernandez, meanwhile, told Brillantes not to muddle the issue. He even challenged the lawyer to sign the paper he disseminated to media to back up his claims.

“Huwag sana ibahin ang level ng laban, pambabastos ito sa pagkatao kung totoo na lover ako, walang kinalaman ito sa kaso,” he said.

Nograles, for his part, fired back at Brillantes.

"The filing of ethics case is premature and baseless. The case is still under appeal with the Supreme Court, it is best to be cautious…we don't want to end up implementing something that can be reversed by the Supreme Court," he said.

He also warned Brillantes from testing his patience.

"Huwag niya akong subukan. He certainly looks more gay than me," said the Speaker. With a report from Sheryl Mundo, ABS-CBN News
as of 08/12/2009 11:43 PM

Ngayon, sabihin ninyo kung tama ba ang mga hukluban na to?

Friday, August 7, 2009

singko bawat txt

Letse na talaga itong gobyerno ni Gloria.

Singkong sentimos na buwis sa bawat txt na naman ang pinapasa sa kongreso para magkapondo ang gobyerno na walang kredibilidad liban sa pagdepensa sa mga pangungurakot nito.

Ayon sa balita:

A bill that formalizes an earlier proposal to impose a five-centavo excise tax on mobile telecommunication services has been filed at the House of Representatives.
House Bill (HB) 6625, titled: "An act imposing excise tax on every short message service, message service, and multimedia service sent from mobile phones and on every overseas dispatch, message or conversation originating from the Philippines," authored by Ilocos Sur Rep. Ronald V. Singson (1st district) seeks to generate more revenues for the government.

The proposed excise tax adds to the 12% value-added tax, import tax, spectrum user fee, and spectrum regulatory fee already imposed on mobile telecommunication services.

Kagaya ng con as, dapat labanan at tutulan ito. Ibasura kasama ni Gloria.

singko bawat txt

Letse na talaga itong gobyerno ni Gloria.

Singkong sentimos na buwis sa bawat txt na naman ang pinapasa sa kongreso para magkapondo ang gobyerno na walang kredibilidad liban sa pagdepensa sa mga pangungurakot nito.
Ayon sa balita:
A bill that formalizes an earlier proposal to impose a five-centavo excise tax on mobile telecommunication services has been filed at the House of Representatives.
House Bill (HB) 6625, titled: "An act imposing excise tax on every short message service, message service, and multimedia service sent from mobile phones and on every overseas dispatch, message or conversation originating from the Philippines," authored by Ilocos Sur Rep. Ronald V. Singson (1st district) seeks to generate more revenues for the government.
The proposed excise tax adds to the 12% value-added tax, import tax, spectrum user fee, and spectrum regulatory fee already imposed on mobile telecommunication services.
Kagaya ng con as, dapat labanan at tutulan ito. Ibasura kasama ni Gloria.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Naduduwal ako. Nagsusuka ako ng hangin. Eto palagi ang nangyayari sa akin kapag nate-tense ako. Paano naman kasi, muntik ko na kasing di mapigilan ang tukso.

Nasa rooftop ako para samahan si Zambo na ayusin ang bagong antena na binili namin upang marelay yung internet signal ko sa apartment ni Zambo na may 3 kilometro ang layo sa pad ko.

Di ko namalayan na habang minamasdan ko si Zambo sa itaas ng penthouse ay sumunod pala sa akin ang isang ruggedly handsome na kapitbahay ko.

Namalayan ko na lang na may kumikiskis sa may bandang pigi ko. Una sa kaliwa at nang gumalaw ako ay sa kanan naman. Nang lingunin ko ay wala syang katakot-takot na tumitig sa akin. Maya maya pa ay binuksan nya ang kanyang zipper at nilabas ang napakalaki at medyo maitim na ari.

Nagpupumiglas ako ng hawakan nya ang braso ko at pilit nilapit sa titi nya ang kamay ko. Pero sa kinalaunan ay naingganyo akong hawakan.

Eto yung tipo ng titi na kung mahulog ka sa bangin at nahawakan mo ito ay sigurado akong ligtas ako dahil sa tigas at laki ng mga ugat.

Pero pumasok sa aking isipan ang baklang Pinoy na hinuli last week dahil nahuling nakipaghimuran sa isang katutubo sa kanyang tindahang binabantayan na isang bloke lang ang layo sa apartment ko.

Bigla akong natauhan at dali-dali kong binitawan ang aking hinahawakan dahil sa aking naisip na baka mahulog nga ako sa bangin ng tukso.

Dali dali akong umikot at tinungo ang pintuang bakal palabas at pababa ng roof deck.

Hinabol ako ng lalaki at mabuti na lang at pababa na rin si Zambo. Nagulat sya ng bumalikwas ako bigla sa muling paghawak ng lalaki sa braso ko.

Una ay medyo nag-aalala si Zambo sa akin ngunit na mapagwari nya ang pangyayari ay medyo napangiti sya na natuwa sa aking naging karanasan.

Alam kasi ni Zambo na isang taon na ako ngayong tigang mula ng umuwi ako sa Pilipinas at nakilala ang aking bagong kasintahan.

Walong oras na ang nakaraan ngunit muli na naman akong nagduduwal ng maalala ko na naman ang nangyari.

Di mailingid sa bakla kong isipan na nanghihinayang akong di napiga ang katas ng napakalaking laruang mainit-init.


Saturday, July 25, 2009


Like each day that I change my underwear, I love change. NOT CHARTER CHANGE.

Yes. As an overseas Filipino worker, I want to change not the Philippine constitution but the kind of services that the Philippine embassy should extend to the Filipinos in Riyadh. I want them to be more effective, more reaching out to the distressed and exploited Filipinos. More action than words of promises.

More jail visitations and not condemnation of Filipino prisoners. I want them to change from hosting more parties and festivities to a more socially-relevant events and to do concrete actions towards educating the OFWS and effecting change in order to redeem the credibility and superiority of the Filipino worker.

Change the image of the Philippine embassy officials to sgenuine public servant rather than sitting ducks and arm-chair diplomats.

Until there are no more distress calls from abused OFWs and jailed OFWs that I receive regularly, change is the order of the day. Now na!

Monday, July 13, 2009

am yours

“I belong to you”. These four words mean surrendering oneself to the second party but a participant in the workshop I attended contested that he only belongs to himself.

So egotistic. But I could not blame him. The native claims to be culturally “on top of everything” but not necessarily superior in my personal view. I hope the four-day workshop would turn him upside down as I intend to discover new ways of tackling life. Perhaps, later, I would reevaluate myself and my lifestyle and suit myself to what I will learn in the workshop.

The facilitator gave as an assignment on what shold be my new responsibility in life following the workshop.

I would surely be looking into loving myself and be in control of my emotions. After all, only me will be able to manage my well-being.

I would not be responsible for the degradation of life and my community. I will be for a healthy and tension-free life.


Friday, July 3, 2009


si joel ay isang barista sa isang coffe shop, one block away from my pad in riyadh. mag iisang taon na akong di napasyal sa cafe nila. although paminsan minsan nakiikita ko sa sa cyberspace.

minsan nga ay pina view nya sa akin ang mga private pictures nya. mapulapula ang hugis helmet na ari nya. marami-rami rin ang malapot na tamod na sinahod nya sa kamay nya habang naglalaro sya minsa sa loob ng banyo nya.

Bigla na lang sya nag ym sa akin while browsing and blog-hopping last night.

joel: hi
beb: helo
joel: musta?
beb: tigang
beb: ikaw?
joel: nkkkantot naman kahit papano
beb: buti ka pa. sana ako rin makantot mo
joel: ang hirap mo kc hanapin
beb: bakit, hinanap mo ba ako?
joel: oo
beb: bakit?
joel: para mkipagfrend
beb: friend-ly sex?

Mahigit isang oras bago sya sumagot.

joel: of course not

natulog na ako.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Welfare Case

Sya si Melba Villaluz, 34 years old. Dumating sya sa Riyadh noong March 31, 2009 para pumasok sa isang kompanya ng Anasban.

Isang notoryus na kompanya ang Anasban mahigit dekada na ang nakaraan at kilalang kilala na ito ng mga opisyal ng Philippine embassy na maraming reklamo galling sa mga mangagagawa nito. Ang mga reklamo ay di na bago, delayed salary payment, delayed vacation, delayed repatriation, mahilig mag bawas ng sahod.

Pero medyo kakaiba ang reklamo ni Melba. Dalawang lingo lang syang nakapatrabaho dahil mula ng dumating sa Riyadh ay nagka infection ang dating inoperahan sa kanyang gall bladder, nagkaroon ng kidney ailment at meron pang hypertension.

Noon Huwebes, June 25, inatake at nag collapse si Melba. Matagal bago nadal sa clinic. Umbaot sa 180 over 130 ang kanyang blood pressure. Niresetahan sya ng Angiotec na 10 mg, Natrilix SR na 1.5 milligrams at kanina lang sya nakainom ng mga gamut na nireseta, apat na araw ang nakalipas dahil kanina lang nabilihan ng gamot ng Anasban.

Gusto ng umuwi ni Melba sa Pilipinas. Nagpaalam na sya sa kanyang agency na nagdeploy sa kanya, ang Global Job Search In na makikita sa Bangkal Street, Makati. Si Lowela na makokontak sa 02-8453045 ang kanyang contact sa Global Job Search.

Pero ayon sa Global Job Search, kailangan daw ni Melba na bayaran ang ginastos ng Anasban na SR7500 para marecruit si Melba sa Riyadh. Ayon kay Melba, kasama na sa SR7,500 ang tiket ni Melba Villaluz pauwi.

Ang kwento ni Melba, payo sa kanya ng Global Job Search na maghati si Melba at ang clinic na nag kuha ng medical test nya, ang LR Clinic.

“Willing naman na maghati si Melba at ang clinic kung makihati rin daw sa gastos ang Global Job Search.

Paano ba nabato sa akin ang kaso ni Melba?

Si Willy Villaluz ay biglang sumulpot sa aking Yahoo Messenger noong HUwebes. Ayun kay Willy, nakuha raw nya sa Moderator ng POEA Forum sa Palawan ang aking email address. Parang ayokong maniwala kasi, kahit matagal na akong gusting pumunta ng Palawan ay wala kong kakilala doon.

Freedom daw ang nickname ng nag refer sa akin.

Ayon, parang nakokonsensya naman ako na ayaw kunin ang mga pangunahing datos. Nakuha ko ang cellphone number ni Melba at kanina nga, pagkatapos umuwi nga king amo ay tinawagan ko ang numero.

Nakausap ko si Melba.

Gusto gusto na ni Melba na mahilig magsabi ng “as in” na umuwi. Snaa raw ay matulungan sya na mapadali ang pag-uwi.

Ang napayo ko lang kanina kay Melba ay wag mag apura at baka mas lalong tumaas ang presyon nya.

Tinanong ko sya kung payag syang kalampagin ng Migrante Internatonal ang kanyan agency at Clinic na kumilos sa dagliang pag-uwi ni Melba upang itulak ang POEA at OWWA na mapauwi sya.

“Dapat nga rin po pati ang City Peso or Palawan Peso ay tumulong din kasi sila naman po ang nag rekruta sa akin. Si Ailyn Amurao daw ng City Peso ng Palawan ang nagpasa sa kanya sa Global Job Search Inc.

Pero ayun kay Willy na kapatid ni Melba, Nagsulat na raw an POEA at OWWA sa Philippine embassy ng Riyadh pero wala raw reply.

Parang dumarami ang natutulog na kaso sa harap ni Labor Attache Rustico dela Fuente. At sino nga ba yung taga DFA na nakiusap na idulog sa DFA ang mga kaso ng mga problema ng OFWs. Buhay pa ba sila o nahahawaan ng H1N1. Ewan.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

sad and lonely

i feel so helpless and hopeless. i just wanna die to forget all these problems. am so old, too tired to bear all the troubles i am into when all i did was trying to be a good human being. but now, am in deep shit. too bad.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why did you join this contest?

Maloka-loka na ako sa mga tanong mula kahapon at ngayon about the 72 or 71 or 69 Filipinos na dinakip sa Riyadh noong Sabado.

Siguro dahil dati akong pobrisitang peryodista noon sa isang English newspaper noon dito sa Riyadh.

Una, isang pinuno ng Migrante ang tumawag sa akin. Binaba ko agad ang tawag after telling him that I would call him back. One phone call in the market and I confirmed the news. 71 Pinoys, kadalasan bading ang inaresto ng mga religious police.

Ayon sa aking source, birthday daw ang isang Pinoy. Nagpaparty. Nag-imbita ng mga firends kasama anga kanya kanyang friends sa isang esterhaha.

Kung okray ka, pwede mong isiping nagpasiklab si birthday celebrator? Siguro, isip nya, mayaman na sya kaya nagmayabang at nag-imbita ng mga kaibigan kahit alam na alam na delikado.

Nag-imbita pa ng ibang lahi at (sana mali ang aking source) nagdala pa raw ng inumin na nakakalasing.

Kung pa intelektwal naman ang pag-iisip mo, pwede mong isipin na dahil kasi sa kultura ng Pinoy. Kinagigisnan na ang mag celebrate ng birthday. Pakain sa mga utaw, kahit bukas o sa makakalawa ay wala ng budget sa pagkain. Para lang ba masabi na mataas na ang tayog nya sa ekonomiya at pwedena syang maging Hostisya de San Jose. Kasi nga di naman nakapagpabongga noong dating purisa pa si Pinoy.

Kung maka-migrante ka naman, pwedeng sabihing dahil nalulungkot sa araw ng kanilang birthday ay nag decide na magdaos ng pampasaya para mawala ang homesickness ng OFW.

Kung baga, part of social life na iwaglit ang kalungkutan na mapawalay sa piling ng pamilya dahil nga ang objective ng pagiging overseas worker ay para mairaos sa kahirapana ng pamilya dahil wala namang desenteng trabaho sa Pilipinas.

Kadalasan talaga, kapag marami ang dadalo, esteraha ang gawing venue dito sa Kaharian. Di kasi uubra ang hotel kasi masyadong istrikto sa mga requirements at syempre, di makapag paraos ang mga makakati pa sa gabi.

Ang Esterahah ay isang resort na pinapaprentahan sa Riyadh nga mahigit isang daang dolyar hanggang 500 daang dolyar, depende sa laki. Kadalasan meron itong swimming pool, palaruan gay ang volleyball court, football court, malaking receiving hall na pwedeng mapag dausan ng isang malaking pagtitipon.

Nilubos lubos ang pagtitipon, nag pageant. MG as in Miss Gay. Yun bang ginagawa sa Pilipinas kung may pyesta na meron rarampa at question and answer at talent portion.

Ayun. Unang signos, may mga military daw na kumatok, tiningnan ang paligid dahil nagtaka sa ingay na naririnig s alugar. Di naman natinag ang grupo. Umalis ang mga otoridad sa pinagdausan.

Pero naging mas maingay ang grupo. Dumating na hindi nila namalayan ang mas conservatibong mga religious police. Inakyat ang bakod. Pasok.

Yun na ang kwento.

Iniimagine ko na lang ang mga otoridad sa kanilang tanong.

“Why did you join this contest?”

Well, ang latest news kahapon, nakalabas na daw ang iba sa mga nakulong dahil pinuntahan ngkanilang mga companya at sponsor.

Ang sabi naman sa news na tinawagan ang Philippine embassy ay napakawalan na daw lahat pero naka blacklist na daw ang 69 na Pinoy na hinuli.

I am sure, may mga kaso na ito sila lahat na nakasampa at siguradong di mapapauwi ang mga ito na di maaring di dumaan sa kulungan at mapalo.

I am sure, gustong gusto ng mga bading na mag perform ng kani kanilang talent sa loob ng kulungan.

Pwede kaya yun?

Ang init pa naman ngayon sa Riyadh. Am sure super hot din at amoy pawis ang mga kakosa nila doon.

Buti na lang nasa labas na sila, pero paano kung tawagin na sila at ikarsel na during their jail term. Bihira pa naman nakakaligtas sa mga kasong ganito.

Noon, meron nangyaring ganito sa Qatiff. Yung isang bading lumusot sa butas ng window type na air-con at yung isa, nagkasyang tumakas sa loon ng maliit na imburnal na concrete pipe. Whew.

Meron ding nangyaring ganito noons sa Holiday Inn na birthday party. Nag gown ang mga bading. Julie andrew at Julie Yad Daza rin sila.

Ayon sa siang balita kanina, ang sabi kasi ng taga embassy, freed na raw ang mga Pinoy at take note, wala raw ni isa ang humingi ng tulong sa Philippine embassy.

Tinatanong pa ba yan kung bakit?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

lamig after init

four nights din akong nagtiis. mula miyerkules, walang airconditioner ang bedroom ko. natiguk. nitiurok.

thursday ay bumili ako ng new aircon gamit ang credit card ko. kaso, sunday at 8PM pa raw ma deliver sa bahay ko ang pampalamig sa 36 degrees na gabi sa bansang puno ng disyerto.

sabi ni papi sammy at ni alvin noong friday, nasira raw ang fan motor.

dahil naawa sa ilang gabi pang pagdurusahan ko na walang aircon, pilit gawan ng remedyo ni alvin ang lumang aircon.

binuhay ang patay. hinugot at binaba ang aircon sa sahig. hinubaran. tapos pinatakan ng mantika ang butas ng motor fan.

pinaikot, tapos inilagay sa butas ng electric outlet ang dulo ng alambreng nakakabit sa power ng aircon.


lumamig ang mainit na gabi. pero sandali lang.

pagaganahin uli sa pamamagitan ng pagpapaikot sa fan blades bago i switch on ang aircon. nakakaloka.

i need to carefully drag my 90-kilo body to step on a stool para maabot ko ang fan blades at i spin towards the right and then reach for the power switch at the wall behind the lcd tv sitting on my computer table.

then pray that my spin will start the ac working with after having turned on. whew!

at 8pm, my flatmate called me. the delivery men arrived but only to find out when i arrived that the ac that they brought is not the correct model that i bought. that unit wa snot the remote-controlled chilling device.

but before that, what was more chilling was when a traffic police halted the car which papi sammy, ronron and his newly arrived brother-n-law were riding with me. we made a wrong turn to a -one-way street.

i didnt care about the wrong way violation but i was so frightened knowing that the residence permit of one of us is already expired.

it was so good that the police listened to our driver's reason and apologies without asking for our documents.

this happeneed while the lightning, and kulog and a little ambon with dust are grabbing riyadh's attention.

so chilling. thanks a lot. my brand new ac is now mounted with the remote control.

now my room is so cold. i need to have some body to sleep with. where are they?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

alec baldwin laughing at the pinay mail-order-bride

it was past one in the hot wee hours of riyadh and i was still panicking and panting after my very old AC conked out few hours back.

I remember i need to take my maintenance drug for my hypertension and diabetis but felt hungry. so, i ate the last part of boiled mongo with rice when suddenly i hear alec baldwin laughing his heart out of his wanting to have a filipino mail-order-bride in the late night show with david lettermen.

for sure, tomorrow, Gabriela and other concerned filipino groups will howl protests on alec baldwin statement.

merese ka!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Just few minutes ago, Elmer called me up accusing me of spreading rumors about his inability to pay loans.

Apparently, a friend of Elmer has spoken to him about a woman looking for my office-mate in order to collect a nearly year-old loan amounting to about SR5000. Two of Elmer’s friends had guaranteed him of his loan and now the guarantors are worried about Elmer’s absence.

Elmer has taken an in-Kingdom vacation and has collected his two-month salary. One of the guarantors told me that they could no longer locate Elmer after he promised that part of the two-month salary is already earmarked for payment of his loan. Three of Elmer’s cell phone is no longer reachable plus the discovery that Elmer moved to a new apartment.

I used my network to locate Elmer and even before I could get information on where Elmer is staying, the loan-evader harassed me of spreading rumors about him.

As far as I called recall, it was my boss who informed me of Elmer having abused the facility of salary advance.

As a Filipino, I felt embarrassed that Elmer has been requesting salary advance each first week of the month.

Now, the Finance Chief has cut his salary advance addiction.

The bottom line is this Filipino can not manage fiancés in spite of the fact that he works in the Finance Department.

I wonder why some Filipinos, even how high-paying their job is could not learn how to save and manage their finances.

I remember my dear boyfriend who always reminds me of his favorite quote.

“Success is not measured on how much salary you get when working overseas; it always depends on how much you save for your future.”

I realized, when Elmer called me, he was more aggressive in protecting his wasteful lifestyle.

Incidentally, I have to collect monies that friends owed me. These so called friends need to realize that aside from the monetary amount that I am after, it is the principle of gathering respect after I trusted them of my hard-earned money. Instead, I got rebuked. What a pity.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I was queueing towards the cashier of a hypermarket in Riyadh When my attention was dragged by the skinny but good-looking Filipino who bought one instant noodle and one apple. The lone apple cost only SR1.40 while the instant noodles was probably SR0.95 or SR1. He paid three riyals but never got the change. It is not uncommon in Riyadh that loose change are no longer given to customers whose bills have loose change for lack of coins in the counter.

Medyo nanghinayang ako sa baryang di nakuha ni kabayan pero mas naukit sa akin ang iisang noodles at apple na kakainin ni kabayan.

Para sa akin kasi, parang saglit lang maglaho ang 2 instant fried noodles pagniluto ko. Bitin ang kabusugan ko sa dalawang paketeng Inodo-Mei. Pero saludo ako sa isang mansanas. Baka nag da diet si kabayan. Pero palagay ko, wala talagang pera si Kabayan na nagkasya na lang sa pagbili ng isang instant noodle at mansanas.

Sa uniporme ni kabayan na kulay berde, di malayong isa syang salesman o warehouseman sa isang tindahan sa mall or possible ring isang crew sa isang food chain.

Halos isang buwan na rin ang nakalipas ang tagpong yun but I instantly recalled this when one of my co-workers emailed me a short note, probably intending to warn us about a possible health hazard of an instant pancit canton.

According to email, a 25-year old friend of another co-worker died early morning after eating pancit canton.

The death news came while I was cramming with my work in the office including checking the insurance enrollment of all company employees together with their family members and seeing to it that the personnel requisition for two new employees are processed and the salary offer and employment contracts are all signed before their joining date, among other things such as company cheques to be pushed for signing, summing up the 2009 expenses of our government liaison officer, seeing to it that the multiple exit re-enty visas of some middle management officers are done, my other colleagues are only passing emails about noodles.

"Buti pa sila, nag eemail lang while my work is literally all up to my neck."

Oh well, it was about a death of a 25-year old Filipino that allegedly ate noodles few hours before his death. Binangungot daw dahil sa pagkain ng noodles.

> kanina madaling araw mga 3AM... ang 25 y.o. na friend ni Cesar from
> Jeraisy ay namatay sa BANGONGOT.
> Dahil nanalo kahapon ng Laptop sa raffle draw ay nagluto daw cla doon sa
> villa ng pancit short, pancit ang huling kinain ng kaibigan ni
> cesar.
> Healthy naman daw ung tao, walang sakit, medium lang ang katawan.
> Well, baka nagkataon lang na pancit ang kinain...or talagang tama ung
> scientific explanation na hindi maganda kumain ng noodles sa gabi...

Few minutes after I receive that email, another email popped on my screen. An immediate reaction from one of the recipients, also a co-worker.

> Pancit ay gawa sa flour. Nag-e-expand at nag-a-absorb ng maraming liquid.
> Kung natulog ka na di pa natunaw ang kinain mong pansit ma-dehydrate ka
> at yan ang ikinamamatay. Kailangan if you eat noddles sa gabi, uminom ka
> ng
> maraming liquid para di ma-dehydrate at mamatay na tulog.
> Kaya di ako kumakain ng noddles before sleeping....he he he

Naisip ko agad, “may post-mortem na agad sila sa bangungot at singled out na talaga ang noodles. Talo pa nila ang forensic expert na si Miss Fortun.”

Dagdag na pumasok sa isipan ko na baka sobrang laki na talaga ng mga sahod nila kaya di na sila kumakain ng instant noodles or talagang masama sa kalusugan ang noodles.

Habang sinusulat ko to, may napansin akong di matawarang noodles story sa website.

A former government supplier accused the Department of Education (DepEd) of allegedly procuring and distributing "overpriced" egg noodles for the government's school feeding program in hunger-stricken provinces last year.
Whelma Lanzuela, president of former government supplier Kolonwel Trading, claimed that DepEd's more than 15 million packs of instant noodles with "fresh eggs" distributed to poor elementary and pre-school pupils last year were overpriced.
Lanzuela said each pack of DepEd's noodles costs P16 to P18, which is three times more expensive than the regular prices of noodles being sold in local stores.
Danilo Quido, sales manager of Kolonwel Trading, added that the nutritional information about the noodles manufactured by DepEd's winning bidder, Jeverps Manufacturing Corp., is deceptive since it really has no protein benefits and added vitamins.
Quido said the company brought samples of the noodles to Vietnam for tests, and the findings showed, "the DepEd fortified instant noodles with fresh egg is made of flour and does not contain any fresh egg but mere egg powder."
Lanzuela and Quido said the DepEd paid Jeverps Manufacturing Corp. P284 million for the noodles.
The two said they had questioned the allegedly overpriced noodles and wrote Education Secretary Jesli Lapus about their findings.
They said they were forced to go to the media after receiving news that the DepEd has awarded Jeverps Manufacturing Corp. the noodles program for this year for P427 million.
'Mixed with fresh eggs and malunggay'
Teodoro Sangil, DepEd Undersecretary for Finance and chairman of the Bids and Awards Committee 1, described Kolonwel Trading's accusation as a way of discrediting DepEd's food for school program.
"Anybody can do that to destroy us," Sangil said, adding that Kolonwel's accusations will not prevent the DepEd from distributing the noodles to less-privileged pupils in Mindanao and Visayas.
He added that Kolonwel is one of the failed bidders of the noodles program.
Sangil also insisted that fresh eggs were mixed with the noodles during the manufacturing process, which was witnessed by DepEd representatives.
"Actually the fresh eggs were mixed with the noodles. The ingredients were processed. Of course, you won't see an actual fresh egg inside the packaging," the DepEd official said.
Meanwhile, Sangil admitted that the noodles were priced higher than the regular noodles being sold in local stores. He said the noodles were made from highly-nutritious ingredients, including fresh eggs and malunggay leaves.
He said the noodles program aims to help malnourished pupils in areas with higher incidence of hunger.
Sangil said that instead of bringing their accusations to the media, Kolonwel Trading should bring the issue to the Office of the Ombudsman.--report from ANTHONY TABERNA, ABS-CBN News

Pagkatapos ko mabasa ang balita sa itaas sa website ng ABS CBN, naisip ko, sana kung totoong makapatay ang instant noodles, ipakain na lang lahat yung noodles sa DepEd officials na responsable sa pagbili ng napakamahal na instant noodles.

Kung di sila mabangungot, maimpacho man lang sana.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


“Mapatay ta ka karon.” These words, I heard, coming from my less than 10-year old nephew in Davao more than a decade ago had made me chill. The child of an OFW uttering such words was so casual that not one among my family reacted to his tantrums that made him utter such an “expression.”

The words reverberated these days when the Commission in Human Rights recently did their work in Davao City known as the killing fields of the popular Davao Death Squad.

More than 800 unexplained killings were tallied by non-government organization so far.

In one of my annual vacations, there was a time that three killings occurred in one night just few kilometers from where I was sleeping.

Another killing occurred in front of one of my sexmates one new-year celebration. When my pal narrated few hours later how the killing spared him, I could not blame him how he feared eating dinuguan these days because of the splattered blood in the dining table as scene of the crime.


I could not forget the single-word reaction of my brother upon knowing that the victim was a small-time weed peddler.

Culled human lives are regularly done in my city in the last 10 years and the counting of the victims is continuing.

I remembered that one day before I left for Riyadh, I told one of my brothers to look into what I heard thay my old and forgetful mother was duped again by one old tricycle driver with more than 10,000 pesos loan. She never got paid.

Few weeks after I returned to the Saudi capital, my best friend texted me saying that the old man was killed by the dreaded Davao Death Squad. The txt emphasized how my mother cried because she no longer could collect the utang that old man acquired from my mother.

Last year, I saw another brother talking to a believed to be former DDS member raising another case of wrong-doing. Apparently, a case was lodged again. I never heard about it but I will not be surprised if the culprit is no longer breathing these days.

Petty criminals are killed in Davao City.

I wonder if those who owed me money should be exposed in my city. A careless whisper could take a breath away. Patay na sab?

I respect the right to life. I am not in favor of death penalty. The rule of law must be enforced in seeking justice. But when the law is bent to favor the rich and those in power, I have second thoughts of their right to life. Anyway, there is the right to revolt against oppressors.

With the recent torture, rape and killing of a 20-year old teacher, what is really happening in Davao City? Ain't this revolting?

Friday, April 3, 2009

apologies daw oh

when chip tsao apologized and bowed his head in front of a number of filipino consulate officials and other human beings there, i wondered if the gesture was a sincere realization of fault or another 'i am sorry" drama popularized by gloria aroryo.

i do not know why but with these kind of apologies make me really doubt if i could forgive. at this point, i may be bitter because this kind of drama reminds me of those members of the popular couples of christ in riyadh who borrowed money from me but did not pay.

there are other members of singles of christ too who preferred to forget paying their share of the apartment telephone bills before while there are those friends of them that cried in my front in time of their need for money just to be able to borrow but was so fast in hiding when i approached them to collect their debts.

when i lost job for 18 months, nobody of these i thought were friends cared.

apologies or not, people are really sinners.

one has to have great sense of huge power of sensibilities to trust other people.

parang relasyon ng bading, dapat alamin kung love ba taaga ang umiirtal o piniperahan ka lang ng partner mo.

alamin din kung hatagera concepcion ba ang name mo kung inlababo ka. ako ba yun?

yes, it took me more than a decade to realize that my lover was only after my money and hearing him say sorry just reminds me of other sinners whom should never be trusted. they lost credibility.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Andaming kong naantalang isulat.

Una, nag graduate sa high school yung tinutulungan kong pamangkin last Tuesday. Panay-panay ang txt nya. Nagpaparamdam ba ng pang pyesta sa graduation nya. Pero di ako bumigay. Nasira pa raw kasi yung cellphone nya na wala pang six month na pinadala ko. Byerna.

Ang maganda, yung pinsan kong lasenggero, na dating partner ko paminsan minsan sa mga bisyo ko noong nasa college pa ako, ang pinilit ni Mam Yeng na mag escort sa panganay nilang anak na 20 years old nang mag graduate ng high school.

Yung bespren ko naman ay nagkasya sa pagluto ng isang menu, pork-chicken afritada. Halos mamatay ako sa takam. Lam nyo naman, walang pork (or bihira at mahal kung meron mang ma smuggle) dito sa Kaharian ni Saud.

Ikalawa, birthday ngayon ng kaibigan kong nanay ni Ace. Pot-luck daw kaninang lunch time sa saloon ni Mel.

Nag txt sa akin ang love kong si Ace at naawa naman ako sa kanya na wala raw syang pangregalo sa mother nya.

Medyo nainis ako pero di ko naman masisi kasi un-employed pa rin ang BS Ed graduate kong singer ng banding bihira lang din ang gigs.

Feeling guilty tuloy ako na di natuloy ang pagpunta ni Ace ditto kasi nga naman nag stop hiring ang company na dapt nyang pasuka. Blame it to the global economic meltdown.

At least nasa Heidi’s Place na sila ni Mel at ang bespren ko for some bottles of beer. Sana andoon ako para narinig ko ang kanta ni Ace. Laglag na naman sana ang thong ko.

Third. If things go well, makakapiling na ni Zambo ang wife at daughter nya. We are still waiting for the family visa but Zambo’s beloved wife and darling daughter are now in my pad at Saint Monique Valais preparing their papers to push at the Saudi embassy in Makati.

Bago umalis ng Zamboanga ang mag-ina ni Zambo ay nagpadala ito ng pera para sa thanksgiving nila. May budget na para sa simbahan.

Pero ng malaman ni Zambo na ibibigay ng direkta sa pari ang pera, pinigil ni Zambo at nagmungkahing ibili na lang ng bigas at sardines at odong para ibigay sa mga mahihirap sa lugar nila. Halos 70 families din ang nakinabang sa pa thanksgiving nila.

Am sure mas nasiyahan si Lord Jesus sa good deed ni Zambo and family.

Kinikwento ito ni Zambo habang sinundo nya ako sa office gamit ang brand new car na kulay black. Binili nya ng hulugan at zero downpayment para may magara syang oto pagdating ng mag-ina nya.

Lastly, two weeks back, I had been calling the Philippine embassy here in Riyadh. I wanted them to work for some jailed Filipinos who had completed their jail terms. My blood pressure rose cause I could not get them over the phone. I went through their website.

I was surprised to read that a police attaché is recently deployed in the Saudi capital. May budget sila? Ano naman kaya ang gagawing ng pulis dito? Bantayan ang embahada o ang ambassador? Sana social workers na lang ang pinadala o psychiatrist.

Anyhow, I found more telephone numbers from the site but then that didn’t help since the phone just kept on ringing but nobody is picking up the f_c_ing phones.

I got the email address though and scribbled a letter and sent it.

After a week, I received a reply. They consul said they will contact the OFWs employer and relay the migrant workers wish that they not be deported when they get freed as the usual procedure.

The embassy said it is an SOP for the hoost government to deport jailed foreigners after serving their terms.

Ang hari lang daw o ang governor ng Riyadh ang pwedeng pumigil doon sa deportation kung hihilingin ng kanilang sponsor sa mga makapangyarihan.

Well, what to do?

Sa listahan ng TO DO ko, kasali na ang pag alalay sa isang anak anakan kong masiglang nag oorganisa ng migranteng manggagawang handang ipagtatanggol ang mga karapatan ng mga OFWs.

Sana magsahod na talaga bukas para makapagplano kung saan ako mag week end sa Myerkules.


Monday, March 16, 2009


Namaga ang mga mata ni Mam Yeng. Ito ang txt sa aking ng bespren kong house manager sa bahay ko sa Davao. Hapon na ng mabasa ko sa office ang txt nya.

Bago nito, nag txt sa akin ang second son ni Mam Yeng sa akin at nanghingi ng pera para daw “para pangsuroy” nil ang utol nya sa downtown kasi Araw nga naman ng Davao. Nabasa ko to pagkagising ko noong Biyernes. Nag txt ako sa bespren ko at nanghingi sa kanya ng 500 pesos para ibigay sa pamangkin ko na first time naglambing sa akin.

Ok naman ang bespren ko at nangako ako sa kanya na dadagdagan ko ng 500 ang regular nyang allowance next month.

Kahapon, nag sermon si Mam Yeng. Di daw importante ang rason kaya galit sya at bakit nagmolestya sa akin ang pamangkin ko.

Nabuko tuloy na ang panganay pala na pamangkin ang nanghingi kaya inutusan nya ang kanyang kapatid na mag txt sa akin.

Namaga ang mata sa pag iyak habang nagsesermon si Mam Yeng.

Dating OFW sa Kuwait si Mam Yeng. Nag DH sya pagkatapos nyang gumradweyt sa pagiging guro. First year College si Mam Yeng noon ng komprontahin ng mama nya ang pinsan ko dahil nabuntis si Mam Yeng. Pormal na hiningi ng pinsan ko na ibabahay na nya si Mam Yeng at pananagutan ang kanilang anak.

High School drop out ang pinsan ko. Kaya pinilit nya na makapagtapos s imam Yeng sa kurso nya.

Yung di padyak na traysikad ay apat na taon pinapadyakan ng pinsan ko para maghakot ng mga pasahero sa gilid ng Ateneo de Davao makatapos lang si Mam Yeng.

Ng mag abroad si Mam Yeng ay minsan o tatlong beses syang sumulat sa akin at pilit na inaalis ang homesickness nya. Noong una ay nagrereklamo sya na palagi raw sya sinisigawan nga mo nya. Ng maipaliwanag ko sa kanya na malalakas lang talaga ang boses ng mga Arabo ay di na nasindak si Mam Yeng at ok na sya. Pagkatapos ng kanya kontrata ay umuwi na siya sa Pilipinas upang makapiling uli ang kanyang pamilya.

Ngunit ang eroplanong sinakyan ni Mam Yeng ay dumaan sa Hong Kong kung saan sya naloko ng isang Pinoy. Ninakaw ang kanyang dalang pera pati pasaporte nya.

Nawala sa matinong pag-iisip si Mam Yeng ng ilang buwan bago sya napauwi sa Manila at sa Davao. Kung di ako nagkamali, yung institusyon yata na nagtatag ng Migrante International ang tumulong sa pinsan ko noon sa Hong Kong.

Ang kwento ng pinsan ko, pag may dumaan na eroplano sa kalawakan at narinig nya ang ingay nito ay nagtatago sa ilalim ng mesa si Mam Yeng.

Lumipas ang mga taon, gaya ng sabi ng mga nakakatanda na panahon lang ang makakalunas sa pilat ng dulot ng isang masakit na kahapon. Gumaling din si Mam Yeng.

Mahigit dekada na rin syang nagtuturo sa elementarya pagkatapos nya sulatan ang isang malayong kamag anak ng pinsan ko na dating head ng Sandiganbayan upang tulungang makapasok sa pampublikong paaralan.

Ngayon, 3 ang pinapag aral ni Mam Yeng. Sa bahay ko sila nakatira ngayon dahil pinaalis sila ng pinsan ko sa bahay na dati nilang tirahan.

Di ko masisi si Mam Yeng na magalit sa mga anak nya. Doble doble ang pasan nya dahil siya na halos ang nagpalaki sa mga anak nya.

Naisip ko, ayaw lang akong maloko ng mga anak ni Mam Yeng dahil alam nya ang hirap maghanap ng pera sa abroad at siguro na gi guilty sya na di nya naibibigay ang lahat na gusto ng mga anak nya.

Pero alam ko na mahal na mahal ng mga pamangkin ko si Mam Yeng.

Kaya gustuhin ko man magalit na niloko pala ako ng mga pamangkin ko ay naiisip ko na gusto lang ng mga bata na magliwaliw. Mali nga lang na di nila ako diniretso.

Pag uwi ko, mag-uusap kami ng mga pamngkin ko ng masinsinan.

Salamat sa 500 peso. Dahil dito magkakaroon ng realistikong pagpapaunawa sa mga pamangkin ko kung ano ang tunay na buhay ng isang OFW. At sana, magkakaroon ng realistikong pananaw ang mga pamangkin ko ukol sa buhay nila at sa kanilang ambisyong mag aral sa koleheyo.

Mababit naman ang mga pamangkin ko kasi. Yung pangalawa ay naunang nagtapos ng high school last year. Huminto kasi ang panganay noong matapos nya ang 3rd year dahil napasok sa isang stockroom ng tindahan ng mga sapatos. Para makatulong sa gastusin sa kanilang bahay ay patuloy syang nag hanap buhay hanggang nagtapos ng high school yung pangalawa.

Ng maka graduate ay ang paganay naman ang pinilit ng pangalawa ng magtapos ng high school.

"Mahirap maghanap ng trabaho na di ka man lang maka graduate ng high school, ang sabi ni Bibi noon sa Kuya Vincent nya.

Ngayong March 24 ay gagraduate na rin ang 20-years old kong gwapong pamangkin na kung tawagin ako ay Mommy.

Habang tinatapos koa ng entry na to ay nag text si Bibi sa akin. Salamat daw ng marami sa binigay ko sa kanyang 500 peso.

May maraming 500 pesos kaya sila ni Mam Yeng na pambayad ng matrikula kung mag koleheyo na si Bibi at Vincent? Abangan sa mga susunod na post.

Friday, March 13, 2009


What's in me? Why am I feeling so guilty that I bought my long dreamed TV?

Yesterday, I was so aghast to see that an LCD TV is being sold at SR1,499. I have been dying to own one since nine years ago.

Today, I decided no to buy the SR1,499 32 inches LCD TV but go for the SR2,175 Sony Bravia S Series. Expensive for my range. I seldom buy expensive things for myself. The SR1,499 could be my limit but with my friends pushing me to buy the branded LCD TV, I obliged myself but the gguilt feeling is there.

But watching the TV program, I felt good that I finally am watching very clear TV programs in my room.

I will try to think later on how to pay this wonderful machine come April 10, whew!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

after the storm

more than 70 vehicular traffic accidents, two airports closed for more than five hours in the saudi capital. patients with respiratory ailments crowded hospitals, etc.

so many sotries while my nose is so itchy, huh.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


it was around 11:20 in the morning in riyadh when a veteran employee rushed to our office and ordered us to close all windows. i didn't understand hm at first but his face showed urgency and panic.

i asked my boss on what's the fuss, "there's a twister is coming from the right side of our building," my bossed who was talking on the spoeaker phone with somebody interrupted his call replied to me.

when i looked at the window, this was what i saw.

i was shocked.

i went to another window and....

before the spread of darkness enveloped us, red sand storm was seen between the light dust storm that later blanketed us in a very widespread.

heto pa.

at heto pa...

imagine all of riyadh was plunged into darkness with zero visibility.

the airport was closed.

we were all trapped in our offices for hours with this dust storm blanketing us for hours.

ang kati kati ng ilong ko, mata ko at tenga ko. ang allergy rhinitis ko umatake at di ko pa dala ang gamot ko. huhuhu.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

the week that was

I wanted to blog. However, my thoughts are all too mixed up with my feelings and the things that have been stirring my week.

Later, my work will fill my week but I have to jot down some bits and pieces of what I can recall that made my week.

Tardiness was the issue of the week. My boss have been monitoring mine ang my colleagues arrival in the office following a very poor attendance last month. I had two beyond 15-minutes late in February. That was not good in spite of the fact that I am the least to have tardiness.

Thus the daily monitoring.

Now I have to sleep so that I could wake up in time for the seven o’clock preparation to office.

Aside from tardiness I also committed one big blunder in the payment of the final installment of the annual life and medical insurance premiums. I missed deducting the January Credit Notes from the premium.

After I reported the error, my boss also discovered that he also used a wrong formula in the review of my calculations. We, however, revised it before the company paid the wrong amount.

Before this, a number of shits had hit the pan in our department that caused one head to roll. What a pity.

But there are also good things that are surging to end with happy notes.

Zambo, who I fondly called Daddy, is about to be reunited with his wife and daughter here. His change of profession is about to be completed and he would be entitled to acquire a visa for his family.

The happy daddy is now busy left and right in preparing a new home for his family.

Meanwhile, while we are recomputing the insurance premium, my supervisor, Abdullah called to inform me that he had just talked to my sponsor whom he has pleaded to transfer my sponsorship to one of my company’s agencies.

According to Abdullah, my sponsor promised to issue my release letter as soon as he would receive a declaration that he is cleared of any responsibilities with me.

Apparently, the obstacles of my sponsorship transfer would soon be overcome.

There are other problems though that hit me but these are bearable that could be another theme for next entry.

Life goes on.

Monday, February 23, 2009

and The Oscars go to....

My morning was disheveled.

Grabbed of my most valued sleep, I quit blaming myself for not having slept with my regular 10 hour-slumber when the Actor for Best Performance, Sean Peann said, "For those who saw the signs of hatred as our cars drove in tonight, I think it's a good time for those who voted for the ban against gay marriage to sit and reflect on their great shame and their shame in their grandchildren's eyes if they continue that support," Penn said. "We've got to have equal rights for everyone."

The Oscars I watched today was moving me.

After enjoying Hugh Jackman's opening production number, there were two quotes that moved me this morning. First was that of the handsome Sean.

Another best quote that I heard this morning while I was struggling not to be late in the office because I was glued on the boob tube is from "Milk" writer Dustin Lance Black, who offered an impassioned tribute to Milk.

"If Harvey had not been taken from us 30 years ago, I think he would want me to say to all the gay and lesbian kids out there tonight who have been told they are less than by the churches, by the government, by their families, that you are beautiful, wonderful creatures of value, and that no matter what anyone tells you, God does love you and that very soon, I promise you, you will have equal rights, federally, across this great nation of ours," Black said.

What would be better than the best quotes?

Now, let me go to sleep, please. baby, I am so sleepy now. Shall we sleep together, right now? Now na.

Wa budget

Cutting down budget costs

I thought only my company is doing this but in an informal chat with some business executives in Riyadh, the biggest oil company is also on the same track.

Whoever is that President of my country who earlier this month told her countrymen at the embassy in Riyadh that OFWs in Saudi Arabia are not affected by the global economic crunch is totally wrong.

Although laying-off employees is not yet the name of the game, big companies in the Kingdom are implementing budget cuts in stead.

According to one executive, the biggest oil manufacturer is paring down project budget costs.

“Sub-contractual companies that have won millions of dollar worth of jobs were called and asked to return their signed contracts and given substitute with pared down budgets,” the Lebanese executive said.

“It’s a take it or leave it decision that they are implementing,” he added.

The impact would surely affect manpower targets of these projects including OFW deployment and job security.

In the company that I am working particularly my division, we are told to cut around $3 million to contribute to the company’s target profitability otherwise no promotions and bonuses will be given by the end of the fiscal year. The bitter part is that heads will start rolling by then.

In a neighboring country where the mother company is based, a whole floor of the firm is totally cleared of employees and jobs.

Before politicians talk of word of make believe, the people should carefully read the signs of the times.

Along the street where my company is situated, Filipino workers are already being terminated. It may be very few but it is starting.


Saturday, February 21, 2009

sponsors and devils

My boss went ballistic again over my non completion of sponsorship transfer. He uttered words like I don’t care, be jailed, will fire you, and more.

I kept my cool. I didn’t get affected. Whatever he says, I just listen to it and put a shield that I will be okay.

I remained focus and finished all the works I line up for the day. I processed two new recruits that arrived today from two countries. Only one more recruit from India is forthcoming for this year as the company had imposed a global freeze on hiring vis-a-vis global economic meltdown, credit crunch, depression, etc. The remaining recruit, I heard is a cousin of my boss’s wife and a co-religious believer of another God of the company.

Earlier, the remaining guy had similar problem on his sponsorship transfer but the company got him a new work visa. He was sent home with a new visa and absorbed directly under the company sponsorship with his salary package almost doubled. While processing his visa back in India, he also got paid in advance for the two months that he was given to complete the visa processing.

I also finished the payroll for all sub-contracted employees including the drivers, teaboys, electricians and janitors.

Before going home, I called my current sponsor who promised me to transfer with “no problems.”

I have to meet my sponsor later this week. I pray to God that this issue hanging on top of my head will soon be over.

I also called my friends and some clients. It was a day. Whew.

Friday, February 20, 2009


nag adhan na. habang nagtatawag na magdasal na, di pa rin maalis sa isp ko kung paano kung sa akin ginawa ang panggagahasa.

kanina sa Filipino market, pagkatapos kong makipagkita sa mga kasama sa kapatiran sa gitnang silangan (kgs), pumunta ako sa manila plaza upang magpaload sa aking bagong talk and plug.

habang nagbabayad ako ay may isang babaeng nakatayo sa harap ng cashier. akala ko ay bata na naghihintay sa kanyang nanay.

"si kabayan o, kawawa, ni rape ng amo tapos pati yung driver ng taxi na naghatid sa kanya, hinalay rin sya," ang sabi ng cashier sa akin.

bilang dating manunulat sa dyaryo, dali dali kong tinanong ang babae.

taga davao pa man din, sa boulivard nakatira.

"ngayon lang ako nakasakay ng taxi. di ko alam saan patungo. dinala ako sa isang lugar at pagpasapasahan akong halayin ng tatlong bombay," ang sabi ni haide sa akin.

siniguro ko na makuha sya ng taga philippine embassy upang madala sa bahay kalinga pero hanggang ngayon ay nasa isip ko pa rin ang nakakaawang mukha ng hinagpis ni haide na nanginginig ang mga kamay at katawan.

noong ilang linggo lang, habang pinangangalandakan ni gloria arroyo sa philippine embassy na walng problema ang mga ofw sa saudi arabia. ewan ko kung may naniniwala sa kanya kasi lang minuto lang bago sya nagyabang ay may inidorso rin ang kgs na kaanib ng migrante international na isang pinay na pagkatapos gahasain bugbugin ng ilang mga lalaking arabo sa riyadh.

kung ako kaya ang naghasa, ano kaya ang gagawin ko? di ko alam. manginginig din kaya ako? sa takot o sa sabik?


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fire in the office

Friends are calling and emailing me of job vacancies in Riyadh and other Mid-East countries. Most of these friends know how my work is overloaded and how I am treated in this office.

Well, some of my co-workers may have pitied me but probably also eager to kick me out of my post. While others are exchanging reactions and opinions on job vacancies, others call me on where to have their lunch as I scramble for which work do I have to finish first. Earlier, another employee was calling to inform me that he will be going to a fine-dining restaurant at 4PM. Probably he has no better way to spend his performance bonus. Hmmm.

While bleeding due to the side effects of a doctor-prescribed warfarin, my boss called me to ask where my colleague was and screamed at me when told that my colleague sent me SMS saying he is sick and he is not coming to the office.

Probably threatened of his clout, he asked me to the tenor if I am being disrespectful of not having informed him first.

The question should have been, why did the fuc_ing employee send me the SMS and not the boss. Should the present employee be at fault than the absent employee? Duh.

Meanwhile, the employee that is now tasked to prepare the payroll for contractual workers is very happy that I have done his job as instructed by the boss. The payroll newbie, however, asked me a favor.

He said he lost the “remarks” that I prepared earlier.

His “remarks” are scripted letters to employees to ask them to submit their daily time record. The poor guy could not compose a letter. What an employee.

Another employee this morning asked me when should I be transferred directly to the company.

“The Gods don’t like me,” I quipped as I recalled the last time I asked to be transferred directly the sponsorship of the company my boss replied to me saying, “No. There is no question on that.”

This sucks. I better laugh it off.

But before I could laugh, the security guard called saying a name that is familiar with me.

A terminated employee wished to come up in the office but the colleague he wants to meet has gone to the bank. Am sure they were just eating breakfast there.

I could not entertain this stinking employee. He literally smells very badly.

As the day goes by, I heard from not one employee that my boss was scolded by the CEO for a colleague in the department made a big mistake not once but thrice about acquiring a visit visa.

“If this mistake happen once more, be prepared to terminate somebody, including you,” the rumor-monger quoted the CEP telling my boss.

This really sucks. This now could make me throw up.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

migranteng pinoy

i received this forwarded email from an ofw based in jeddah. ewan ko bakit nya pinadala sa akin pero dahil wala akong magandang nasulat, i post ko na lang to. medyo may relevance naman kasi. at para may visual effect, naghukay ako ng photo ng mga pinoy na naghihintay ng kanilang passport sa dfa davao.

Hindi mayaman ang OFW - We have this notion na ‘pag OFW o nasa abroad ay mayaman na. Hindi totoo yun. A regular OFW might earn from P50K-P300K per month depende sa lokasyon. Yung mga taga-Saudi or US siguro ay mas malaki ang sweldo, but to say that they're rich is a fallacy (amen!).

Malaki ang pangangailangan kaya karamihan ay nag-a-abroad. Maraming bunganga ang kailangang pakainin kaya umaalis ang mga pipol sa Philippines . Madalas, 3/4 o kalahati ng sweldo ay napupunta sa tuition ng anak at gastusin ng pamilya.

Mahirap maging OFW – Kailangan magtipid hangga't kaya. Oo, masarap ang pagkain sa abroad pero madalas na paksiw o adobo at itlog lang tinitira para makaipon. Pagdating ng kinsenas o katapusan, ang unang tinitingnan eh ang conversion ng peso sa dollar o rial o euro. Mas okay na magtiis sa konti kaysa gutumin ang pamilya. Kapag umuuwi, kailangan may baon kahit konti kasi maraming kamag-anak ang sumusundo sa airport o naghihintay sa probinsya. Alam mo naman ‘pag Pinoy, yung tsismis na OFW ka eh surely attracts a lot of kin.

Kapag hindi mo nabigyan ng pasalubong eh magtatampo na yun at sisiraan ka na. Well, hindi naman lahat pero I'm sure sa mga OFW dito eh may mga pangyayaring ganun. Magtatrabaho ka sa bansang iba ang tingin sa mga Pinoy. Malamang marami ang naka-experience ng gulang o discrimination to their various workplaces. Sige lang, tiis lang, iniiyak na lang kasi kawawa naman pamilya 'pag umuwi.

Besides, wala ka naman talagang maasahang trabaho sa Philippines ngayon. Mahal ang bigas, ang gatas, ang sardinas, ang upa sa apartment. Tiis lang kahit maraming kupal sa trabaho, kahit may sakit at walang nag-aalaga, kahit hindi masarap ang tsibog, kahit pangit ang working conditions, kahit delikado, kahit mahirap. Kapag nakapadala ka na, okay na, tawag lang, "hello! kumusta na kayo?".

Hindi bato ang OFW - Tao rin ang OFW, hindi money o cash machine. Napapagod rin, nalulungkot (madalas), nagkakasakit, nag-iisip at nagugutom. Kailangan din ang suporta, kundi man physically, emotionally o spiritually man lang.

Tumatanda rin ang OFW - Sa mga nakausap at nakita ko, marami ang panot at kalbo na. Most of them have signs and symptoms of hypertension, coronary artery disease and arthritis. Yet, they continue to work thinking about the family they left behind. Marami ang nasa abroad, 20-30 years na, pero wala pa ring ipon. Kahit anong pakahirap, sablay pa rin. Masakit pa kung olats rin ang sinusuportahang pamilya – ang anak adik o nabuntis; ang asawa may kabit. Naalala ko tuloy ang sikat na kanta dati, “NAPAKASAKIT KUYA EDDIE!"

Bayani ang OFW – Totoo yun! Ngayon ko lang na na-realize na bayani ang OFW sa maraming bagay. Hindi bayani na tulad ni Nora Aunor o Flor Contemplacion. Bayani in the truest sense of the word. Hindi katulad ni Rizal o Bonifacio. Mas higit pa dun, mas maraming giyera at gulo ang pinapasok ng OFW para lang mabuhay. Mas maraming pulitika ang kailangang suungin para lang tumagal sa trabaho lalo na't kupal ang mga kasama sa trabaho. Mas mahaba ang pasensya kaysa sa mga ordinaryong kongresista o senador sa Philippines dahil sa takot na mawalan ng sweldo.

Matindi ang OFW – Matindi ang pinoy. Matindi pa sa daga, o cockroaches which survived the cataclysmic evolution. Maraming sakripisyo pero walang makitang tangible solutions or consequences.

Malas ng OFW, swerte ng pulitiko – Hindi umuupo ang OFW para magbigay ng autograph o interbyuhin ng media (unless nakidnap!). Madalas nasa sidelines lang ang OFW. Kapag umaalis, malungkot and on the verge of tears. Kapag dumadating, swerte ‘pag may sundo( madalas meron). Kapag naubos na ang ipon, wala ng kamag-anak.

Sana sikat ang OFW para may boses sa Kamara. Ang swerte ng mga politiko nakaupo sila at ginagastusan ng pera ng Filipino. Hindi nga sila naiinitan o napapaso ng langis, o napagagalitan ng amo, o kumakain ng paksiw para makatipid, o nakatira sa compound with conditions less than favorable, o nakikisama sa ibang lahi para mabuhay. Ang swerte, sobrang swerte nila.

Matatag ang OFW – Matatag ang OFW, mas matatag pa sa sundalo o kung ano pang grupo na alam nyo. Magaling sa reverse psychology, negotiations at counter-attacks. Tatagal ba ang OFW? Tatagal pa kasi hindi pa natin alam kailan magbabago ang Philippines , kailan nga kaya? o may tsansa pa ba?

Masarap isipin na kasama mo ang pamilya mo araw-araw. Nakikita mo mga anak mong lumalaki at naaalagaan ng maayos. Masarap kumain ng sitaw, ng bagoong, lechon, inihaw na isda, taba ng talangka. Masarap manood ng pelikulang Pinoy, luma man o bago. Iba pa rin ang pakiramdam kung kilala mo ang kapitbahay mo. Iba pa rin sa Philippines, iba pa rin kapag Pinoy ang kasama mo (except ‘pag kupal at utak-talangka), iba pa rin ‘pag nagkukwento ka at naiintindihan ng iba ang sinasabi mo. Iba pa rin ang tunog ng "mahal kita!", "day, ginahigugma tika." “Mingaw na ko nimo ba, kalagot!", " Inday, diin ka na subong haw? ganahan guid ko simo ba". Iba pa rin talaga.

Sige lang, tiis lang, saan ba’t darating din ang pag-asa.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Zambo is the best buddy I ever have. He is always reliable. very few times he told me he is busy and could not extend a helping hand but he always make it sure that I feel his presence when I need him.

Zambo is happily married to Marissa and they have an eight year old girl in Zamboanga.

Zambo wants to bring his family here in the Saudi capital to live with him. I could imagine, Zambo would no longer have a time for me.

But seeing Zambo happy would also makes me happy, I guess.

Zambo used to work in a computer store. I saw him at work. He is salesman and sometimes cashier. He was poorly paid then. His store is just across my flat. When one room that was being rented was vacated in my flat, Zambo decided to take the room but in order to afford it, he tagged along with him his two friends that sometimes become six.

When his contract expired, Zambo got another offer as business development manager of an Internet Café. He made four branches during his stint before I recruited him to join our company as System Operator in the IT Department.

There are so many things I would like to write about Zambo but I always get messed up.

I am even confused of writing my feelings towards him.

Yesterday, I told him my true feelings.

“Alam ko na yun,” he quipped as he smiled like a child.

Friday, January 9, 2009

lalaki sa banyo

While looking for my house plan, I instead found photographs of boys who had taken a bath in my bathroom inside my bedroom. Palagay ko marami pa pero di ko nakunan ng pictures ng mga time na yon.

He was the guy whom I thought would be the one. He is into technology. He even mounted solar panels in my backyard and made it operational. I sent him to continue his college days only to be frustrated. He was playing flames in my back. He had an affair with his aunt and impregnated her aunt’s friend. Very sad.

Here is J. He is very funny. He lost his front teeth but has a very lovable abs. He has not finished high school but is now struggling to finish it through a Sunday school. He is a very good textmate but very wily when in person. He keeps on promising but always run away when he thinks he could not bear to unbear in front of me.

his first bath in my room was so hilarious. J took a bath with me with his cousin who was totally nude. That was very rare.

J took another bath with his friend M. Hmmm, where was that picture...

This is J. Though he is very malambing. He is also very demanding and seloso.

J has another friend.


Jong is great though he has so many textmates. Jong is also on Sunday school wanting to finish his high school.

This is Papa R.

I met him in Riyadh and was surprised to know that he is my neighbour in Davao. We had a night stand that was later followed by another. It ran through the years until in more than a year when I called it done.

Then, here comes my bebeh.

He prefers to be on my bed though but always go to the bathroom before going to bed. He is sooooo sweet and hot.


After Christmas, I went to my doctor. Dr Jalal said kailangan pa gamutin puso ko kasi ang kalahati nito palyado rin kaya apektado dugo ko. The upper chamber is not pumping your blood. Instead it flickers that makes the blod bubbles as it flow. This flickering is the cause of your irregular heartbet, he said.

Sabi niya dapat panipisin ng gamot ang malapot kong dugo para di magbara sa ugat. may gamot pero di ko mainom pag di pa ok ang high blood pressure ko ko. gamutin muna ang high blood saka na yung dugo para ma ok ang puso ko uli. hearthache ang bading

Duing my last bp check it is now 130 over 90. Pwede ko na gamutin ang aking atrial fibrillation.

But where is the drug. I was prescribed with a drug that I could not find in Riyadh. All drugstores that I have been to said it is out of stock. Tumaas uli ang presyon ko.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

munting kubo

It’s been five years since I stopped my house construction. I got fed up of the skyrocketing price rise of building materials that I slowed down. The construction went to a dead stop when I was unceremoniously laid off by my newspaper after working there for 15 years.

I got unemployed for 18 months and went on hibernation. Before I lost my mind, I was able to find solace in an old fling. A man whom I know is a womanizer. Our old friendship rekindled the flame we once, twice, nth played with much outrage and gusto.

Four months later, I decided to call it quits. I left my fling after I discovered that he fathered another baby with a fourth woman. I flew back to the Saudi capital and scouted for a job.

I got one. And nearly two years after landing a not so glorious work, I found myself wanting to slowly restart my house construction.

I frantically looked for some pictures of my house. A weekend past including a new year’s day and I could not find my house plan.

Then suddenly I remembered, I had a kept an ageing 10GB hard disk drive.

The perspective. This is 60 percent done.