Friday, March 13, 2009


What's in me? Why am I feeling so guilty that I bought my long dreamed TV?

Yesterday, I was so aghast to see that an LCD TV is being sold at SR1,499. I have been dying to own one since nine years ago.

Today, I decided no to buy the SR1,499 32 inches LCD TV but go for the SR2,175 Sony Bravia S Series. Expensive for my range. I seldom buy expensive things for myself. The SR1,499 could be my limit but with my friends pushing me to buy the branded LCD TV, I obliged myself but the gguilt feeling is there.

But watching the TV program, I felt good that I finally am watching very clear TV programs in my room.

I will try to think later on how to pay this wonderful machine come April 10, whew!


Luis Batchoy said...

you got to live a little! I spent almost 20k for my five day trip in manila and thats too much for my range and could have been used to buy something too, but guess what... it was all worth it!

Mugen said...

You deserve it. Given the opportunity, I'm gonna buy myself one too. :)