Tuesday, March 10, 2009


it was around 11:20 in the morning in riyadh when a veteran employee rushed to our office and ordered us to close all windows. i didn't understand hm at first but his face showed urgency and panic.

i asked my boss on what's the fuss, "there's a twister is coming from the right side of our building," my bossed who was talking on the spoeaker phone with somebody interrupted his call replied to me.

when i looked at the window, this was what i saw.

i was shocked.

i went to another window and....

before the spread of darkness enveloped us, red sand storm was seen between the light dust storm that later blanketed us in a very widespread.

heto pa.

at heto pa...

imagine all of riyadh was plunged into darkness with zero visibility.

the airport was closed.

we were all trapped in our offices for hours with this dust storm blanketing us for hours.

ang kati kati ng ilong ko, mata ko at tenga ko. ang allergy rhinitis ko umatake at di ko pa dala ang gamot ko. huhuhu.


Mugen said...

Katakot naman. Siguro magtatayuan ang balahibo ko kapag nasa harap ko ang ganyang delubyo.

Mark Ryan said...

omfg. this looks like some scene from the knowing- only they were flames,not sand haha