Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tim’s tuhod is two-hooded trick

The other day, my co-worker sent me email stating his mother died in the Philippines. He asked me if he should go home or leave to God his mother’s passing away.

“I know I am very new in the company. Most probably they would not allow me to go home. Also, should I go home, I may not be able to attend the burial since my family has scheduled the internment on Thursday,” Tim told me as if he tried to explained his guilt of unable to attend his mother’s funeral.

Probably, Tim needs a shoulder to lean on in his time of grief.

A week before his mother died, Tim asked me to help correct his grammar in the Minutes of a Meeting he covered in his department. I was shocked that a Siliman University graduate is unable to construct a correct sentence.

My presumption that SU, of which I got frustrated so much for being unable to attend during my college days, is producing top of the line graduates proved wrong.

Tim got the eye of the company managers when he lied about his knee injury. He initially told his manager that he got sprained while playing basketball. He once told me he got it from playing tennis.

Now, his friend told me that he had his knee surgically operated twice for rheumatism. I was wondering why he had to lie. No wonder he was asked to submit a medical certificate about his knee, which he complied today.

Good luck to him and may his mother rest in peace.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Are we on?

I am very new in this company and i am surpirsed that not one co-worker but six officemates asked me today when am I taking my annual vacation?

Do they think I am already bored at work? ngarag kaya fez ko? Actually, I thought I am but whenever I feel one I stand up and swing around the office.

In one office, there is this cute dark lad that I wish I could sleep with even for one night only and surprise of all surprises he actually did today.

No. I mean he told me this afternoon to come and sleep in his room.

Each time I see him, he always wear this sweet smile. Then one day, I whispered to him that I am falling in love.

“To whom,” he asked me.

“Me too,” he replied when I told him, “You.”

Are we on? This, I asked inside my solitary room. Wheh!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mixed Nuts

Am getting nuts. I woke up past 1 a.m. and could not go back to sleep. I surfed, read a lot but still can't sleep back though I coukd really feel the sand-like ek inside my eyes.

This is going nuts. Mixed one.

I wanna post some stuffs in this blog but my mind is so mixed up.

I wanted to write about my niece that already went back home after a three month stay out of her father's house following a disagreement and physical brouhaha with my brother and her sister.

I also wanted to write about my nephew that sent me yesterday pictures of his nurse pinning ceremony. And then there was my twin brother's visit to my 73-year old mother who swung around my house unannounced. I hate being visited in my house without prior appointment.

I've got to hide some skeletons inside my closet, noh. The fact is, my ex lover is still staying in my house even after we had broken our promises because of his philandering stunts although he had told me he would be out of my house "soon." Soon never came early until my best friend who manages my house had enough and sermoned my ex-partner the other night for being so irresponsible.

How could my ex-lover stay in my house and tag along his lazy brother without sharing anything in the dining table? The craziest part was he never informed me that he would go back to my house while I was in Manila and he was in Basilan with a cheap KTV bar girl whom he had a baby girl hidden from me.

Then there is the painstaking wait of the radiation theraphy result of my only sister who was diagnosed with a cancer on her neck. Once, I didn't know what to do when my sister called from California crying so hard and compalining of the pain the radiation has caused her.

"Parang hinihiwa ng blade ang lalamunan ko pag lumulunok ako ng pagkain," she said.

Over the month, my sister has lost 22 kilos of weight and eight inches of her waistline.

But not all nuts are hard and bitter though.

The sweetest nut among the things going on is that I have found a number of crushes in my new company. Ibat ibang lahi. Hahay.

Then there was the fresh, cute banking and finance grad who chatted with me last night and keeps me inspired. Hahay uli.

Then, there is Howard who "miskol" me when I slept early last night. Hahay na naman.

Tamis ng pag-ibig.


Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Deal or No Deal

Four days after my two-month stint with the international charge and credit card company, I got a call from banker.

He offered me a challenging position with his bank and of course a higher pay.

However, I will be posted in another city.

The call's impact could similarly be compared to a person playing the game show, Deal or No Deal, where the player would be banging his head on the wall to make a decision.

For me, the call is as hard as the wall especially that I had just moved in to a new apartment and paid the six month rent.

Will there be another call next time or should I stay in the company that I have learned to love?

Let’s pray for a sign as Kris would most certainly do.

Monday, August 6, 2007


Today’s the 60th day of my 90-day of my work probation with an international charge and credit card.

The past two months seemed very hectic that usually surprised me that lunch time had passed after skipping breakfast.

Apparently, my 18-month enforced-hiatus before I got the job has unconsciously made me think I was useless when I was terminated from my 14-year stint with a Saudi broadsheet.

With the sudden work dumped in front of me, my new work automatically became a day-long word puzzle that I forgot to notice time had passed by.

If not for a handsome suitor who reminded me to provide myself time to socialize as he blamed me that he is now gainfully having a relationship with an open-minded (spelled as open pocket) gingging. Howard humbly teased me that he could have been a loyal and enjoyable boyfriend had I made time to make chika and other chuvanese with him.

I can’t blame Howard since he admittedly needs somebody who would sponsor his cellphone charge loads and other needs.

I told Howard that I am not ready for that relationship since my resources could not afford such. I am good for manpower pooling only this time since I have slid under the Forbes Top 5,000 that I used get listed with my new job.

I can’t blame him since the two local colleagues that I am working with have been dumping me with their work loads as if testing my work capacity.

I silently reminded myself that I have been “sleeping” for a year and a half without work that I can not afford to fail this time.

“Bring it on,” I silently told them as the two colleagues and my boss dumped me with their work.

Few minutes before I left the office to start the week end, my boss called me.

Poised as ever, I walked in his room and prepared myself to wittingly slug it out with my boss should another word bashing event unfold.

“Your email to Sri Lanka. Good email. This makes the two executives that we are hiring feel that they are being taken good care,” he said.

I was taken a back by my boss comments. In my almost 18 years of working in Saudi Arabia, a spoken appreciation is as rare as a true believer.

The two IT executives had their flights delayed for several times. First, a political rally that paralyzed the transportation including the route to the airport in Colombo has to move their flight for few days. When the flight day came, three more changes occurred after they have checked in the airport immigration section.

My experience in assisting distressed migrant workers was awakened by the email of our new recruit. As an advocate of migrant I could feel their anxiety thus I wrote the email to keep their cool and be relaxed as they wait for their five-hour flight to Riyadh.

I never expected that gesture of concerned would be a color on my probationary cap.

I was heading for my two-day week end when I suddenly missed Howard but the migrant worker who was forced to moonlight with his body to keep both ends meet revealed his impatience of waiting for me.

I know that hooking me has been a challenge for him that he wanted to make me lose for not having him. I long to get laid but I don’t know if I would be sorry for him. I would probably be friend him and remained civil with him because for sure, I love my job now.

As I tried to whisk away from Howard’s hullabaloo, I juggled three house chores to start my week end.

I did my laundry while I cooked sinigang na isda and wrote this article for my blog at the same time watched game shows in my boob tube.

Tomorrow, I will look forward to my room makeover and have my hair cut done. Magpaganda!

Soning ni Gloring

Super laff akech sa SONAbelles ni Aling Gloring. Over sa OPM at naging fantasyadora pa na maging winabelles sa first world chinez ang everdearest Filiphs.

Ka chakahan sa kaechosan!

Sinech naman ang Got to believe in magic sa Richard Kipleys na SONAbelles ever?

Dreamgirl ang Lola. Trulili bang maging winabbeles ang economy and may I join the Miss First World Beauty ang Philippines kung imbes na mag make over into industrialized country ang inang bayan ay sell ang drama like ukay ukay ang mga natural resources sa foreign capitalists at ever bargain sale din ang mga government corporation as in privatization ang promo para magka datung.

Tama ba yung mag ilusyon kang maging mayaman kung mag benta ka ng mga ari-arian. Loss yan mama.

The rich never sell, they buy, yan ang sabi ng gay friend kong old rich na si Don Romero of Davao.

Over sa yabang ang lola Gloring na parang andalus muchos sa wishing bones nya magkaroon ng maraming airports at kilo kilong kalsada na para bang kulang pa sa kanya ang diosdado macapagal arroyo avenue. Juice ko pong fine eapple.. Baka dream ng lola na pati mga junakis ng mga junakis ay magkaroon ng kanya-kanyang street names. Parang mga street children.

Di ba, feel nga ng lola na ang mga junakis maging congressman. Di chox na ang mga apo ay maging street children. Lukrecia Kasilag!

Ilusyunadang walang dats. Ni bala nga ng junyon na jumujutok di sya makabili kaya tiguk ang kanyang mga marines sa tipo tipo. Headless pa. paano kasi, witchelles naman pala jumujotok ang bala ng junyon na kung saan buy ng kanyang alipores. Airport at kalsada na naman ang drama.

Knowing kech ever yung mga ghost bridges and roads sa Mindanao na kay ganda sa papel pero sa trulili ay putik ever if not alabok at lubak avenues naman ang mga roads to the mountain ever.

Laff na lang ako ng laff pero seriously, Maalaala Mo Kaya noong once upon a time may I cross the hanging bridge and let the horse swim the river to carry me over to the other side against the raging water to gather data sa isang massacre doon malapit sa boundary ng Bukidnon, Calinan at North Cotabato.

I wonder how the roads there are doing. It must be the same. No pavements. Of course, the massacares continue but the roads? Baka drowing pa rin. Sketch!

Over ang Soning ni Gloring!