Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tim’s tuhod is two-hooded trick

The other day, my co-worker sent me email stating his mother died in the Philippines. He asked me if he should go home or leave to God his mother’s passing away.

“I know I am very new in the company. Most probably they would not allow me to go home. Also, should I go home, I may not be able to attend the burial since my family has scheduled the internment on Thursday,” Tim told me as if he tried to explained his guilt of unable to attend his mother’s funeral.

Probably, Tim needs a shoulder to lean on in his time of grief.

A week before his mother died, Tim asked me to help correct his grammar in the Minutes of a Meeting he covered in his department. I was shocked that a Siliman University graduate is unable to construct a correct sentence.

My presumption that SU, of which I got frustrated so much for being unable to attend during my college days, is producing top of the line graduates proved wrong.

Tim got the eye of the company managers when he lied about his knee injury. He initially told his manager that he got sprained while playing basketball. He once told me he got it from playing tennis.

Now, his friend told me that he had his knee surgically operated twice for rheumatism. I was wondering why he had to lie. No wonder he was asked to submit a medical certificate about his knee, which he complied today.

Good luck to him and may his mother rest in peace.

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