Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mixed Nuts

Am getting nuts. I woke up past 1 a.m. and could not go back to sleep. I surfed, read a lot but still can't sleep back though I coukd really feel the sand-like ek inside my eyes.

This is going nuts. Mixed one.

I wanna post some stuffs in this blog but my mind is so mixed up.

I wanted to write about my niece that already went back home after a three month stay out of her father's house following a disagreement and physical brouhaha with my brother and her sister.

I also wanted to write about my nephew that sent me yesterday pictures of his nurse pinning ceremony. And then there was my twin brother's visit to my 73-year old mother who swung around my house unannounced. I hate being visited in my house without prior appointment.

I've got to hide some skeletons inside my closet, noh. The fact is, my ex lover is still staying in my house even after we had broken our promises because of his philandering stunts although he had told me he would be out of my house "soon." Soon never came early until my best friend who manages my house had enough and sermoned my ex-partner the other night for being so irresponsible.

How could my ex-lover stay in my house and tag along his lazy brother without sharing anything in the dining table? The craziest part was he never informed me that he would go back to my house while I was in Manila and he was in Basilan with a cheap KTV bar girl whom he had a baby girl hidden from me.

Then there is the painstaking wait of the radiation theraphy result of my only sister who was diagnosed with a cancer on her neck. Once, I didn't know what to do when my sister called from California crying so hard and compalining of the pain the radiation has caused her.

"Parang hinihiwa ng blade ang lalamunan ko pag lumulunok ako ng pagkain," she said.

Over the month, my sister has lost 22 kilos of weight and eight inches of her waistline.

But not all nuts are hard and bitter though.

The sweetest nut among the things going on is that I have found a number of crushes in my new company. Ibat ibang lahi. Hahay.

Then there was the fresh, cute banking and finance grad who chatted with me last night and keeps me inspired. Hahay uli.

Then, there is Howard who "miskol" me when I slept early last night. Hahay na naman.

Tamis ng pag-ibig.


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