Monday, August 6, 2007


Today’s the 60th day of my 90-day of my work probation with an international charge and credit card.

The past two months seemed very hectic that usually surprised me that lunch time had passed after skipping breakfast.

Apparently, my 18-month enforced-hiatus before I got the job has unconsciously made me think I was useless when I was terminated from my 14-year stint with a Saudi broadsheet.

With the sudden work dumped in front of me, my new work automatically became a day-long word puzzle that I forgot to notice time had passed by.

If not for a handsome suitor who reminded me to provide myself time to socialize as he blamed me that he is now gainfully having a relationship with an open-minded (spelled as open pocket) gingging. Howard humbly teased me that he could have been a loyal and enjoyable boyfriend had I made time to make chika and other chuvanese with him.

I can’t blame Howard since he admittedly needs somebody who would sponsor his cellphone charge loads and other needs.

I told Howard that I am not ready for that relationship since my resources could not afford such. I am good for manpower pooling only this time since I have slid under the Forbes Top 5,000 that I used get listed with my new job.

I can’t blame him since the two local colleagues that I am working with have been dumping me with their work loads as if testing my work capacity.

I silently reminded myself that I have been “sleeping” for a year and a half without work that I can not afford to fail this time.

“Bring it on,” I silently told them as the two colleagues and my boss dumped me with their work.

Few minutes before I left the office to start the week end, my boss called me.

Poised as ever, I walked in his room and prepared myself to wittingly slug it out with my boss should another word bashing event unfold.

“Your email to Sri Lanka. Good email. This makes the two executives that we are hiring feel that they are being taken good care,” he said.

I was taken a back by my boss comments. In my almost 18 years of working in Saudi Arabia, a spoken appreciation is as rare as a true believer.

The two IT executives had their flights delayed for several times. First, a political rally that paralyzed the transportation including the route to the airport in Colombo has to move their flight for few days. When the flight day came, three more changes occurred after they have checked in the airport immigration section.

My experience in assisting distressed migrant workers was awakened by the email of our new recruit. As an advocate of migrant I could feel their anxiety thus I wrote the email to keep their cool and be relaxed as they wait for their five-hour flight to Riyadh.

I never expected that gesture of concerned would be a color on my probationary cap.

I was heading for my two-day week end when I suddenly missed Howard but the migrant worker who was forced to moonlight with his body to keep both ends meet revealed his impatience of waiting for me.

I know that hooking me has been a challenge for him that he wanted to make me lose for not having him. I long to get laid but I don’t know if I would be sorry for him. I would probably be friend him and remained civil with him because for sure, I love my job now.

As I tried to whisk away from Howard’s hullabaloo, I juggled three house chores to start my week end.

I did my laundry while I cooked sinigang na isda and wrote this article for my blog at the same time watched game shows in my boob tube.

Tomorrow, I will look forward to my room makeover and have my hair cut done. Magpaganda!

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magpaganda jud?! Chuva oie!hahaha