Sunday, August 19, 2007

Are we on?

I am very new in this company and i am surpirsed that not one co-worker but six officemates asked me today when am I taking my annual vacation?

Do they think I am already bored at work? ngarag kaya fez ko? Actually, I thought I am but whenever I feel one I stand up and swing around the office.

In one office, there is this cute dark lad that I wish I could sleep with even for one night only and surprise of all surprises he actually did today.

No. I mean he told me this afternoon to come and sleep in his room.

Each time I see him, he always wear this sweet smile. Then one day, I whispered to him that I am falling in love.

“To whom,” he asked me.

“Me too,” he replied when I told him, “You.”

Are we on? This, I asked inside my solitary room. Wheh!

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tagagag said...

wow!!!kagara oie!!!