Saturday, November 26, 2011

hello world

It’s been a week that I was keeping to myself the sad feelings of losing a best friend after reading the most annoying SMS message from him. An exchange of messages thru FB last Thursday and Friday, which I arranged hoping that the schism would be ironed out, proved more fatal. I was ready to lose him from my house and in my life.

As I resumed work this Saturday. At the lobby, I was welcomed by non-functioning elevators leading me to climb the stairs till seventh floor. Before the climb, I almost absented myself and headed home to get more sleep. But my load of work was on my mind, thus work prevailed. My heart beat went so fast that my heart seemed to explode. As I sat down and attended to my daily routine, three SMS churned out, two morning greetings from my babe and one from my former best friend.

To my surprise, the best friend cum house manager asked for forgiveness after realizing his mistakes. An explanation of having nobody to speak to on his problems and getting into self-pity on his financial situation was enough for me to understand him. I know, his financial predicaments was brought about by his love, priority and high regards to his family that he cannot say no, whenever his niece or sisters ask for financial help for their education even if it leaves him penniless.

Accepting my friend would entail more financial responsibility too. This time, we will both pay our SSS loans and monthly dues for our impending retirement. What are friends for?

Not all is well, though. I got diarrhea today, probably after all the tension was gone. Hmmmmfpt.

Friday, November 25, 2011


I feel sad. I think am losing a friend. He used to be my best friend. As my house manager, my life was smooth. Everything is attended to for more than 15 years.

It started with an SMS message followed by two-word message.

It seems my friend was so insecure of old age and was so frustrated for him not o have paid his SSS.

But his text message was not enough. His messages are already glazed of discourteousness and shallow issue he tends to build up against me.

The bottom line is we now have issues that had started to break the whole house and friendship and I want him out of my house if not my life.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

more woes

A friend sent me today an email saying that expatriate workers included in the list of 18 job categories will no longer be able to renew their residence permit effective 7 January 2012.

The email is so alarming since I already changed my job profession that matches my current job two months back, a requirement that was enforced by Saudi Labor Ministry mid of September. This is so freaking me out that my category fell on a profession that is already earmarked for locals in Saudi Arabia.

After a disturbing start this week regarding the impending "poor annual performance appraisal" that my boss is cooking for me, another blow for my work in the Kingdom is hanging like a sword on my head.

Parang nasa bahay lang ako ni Big Brother naghihintay ng forced eviction sa tunay ng bahay at buhay.

Monday, November 21, 2011

life sucks

It's one of the worst days of the year.

"You always give me wrong answers, Edgar," my boss said after he asked me why the employee does not have our bank partner's account.
Apparently, the boss was annoyed that he has to sign an inch thick of documents including payroll, bank transfer forms, appreciation letters, and personnel requisition among the many papers I handed him first thing in the morning.

His tone of voice and obvious display of unappreciation on my never-ending pile of works echoed when I read his email about the annual appraisal. His arrogance this morning could pull me down in this appraisal time, which means no annual performance bonus in March.

Well, I already know how discriminating my boss is. While people in the Philippines expect this time to be jolly, the struggling migrant worker lowers its happy mode to record level. Parang drought lang ang peg.

Tasks for the week: scout for room to rent (bawas gastos for the year), dialogue with string house manager back home (dagdag padala, thus dagdag gastos or scout for new house bantay), purchase and activate internet data roaming SIM card, send monthly amortization plus monthly allowances for house managers, close deals on downlines for vmobile and TVI for this month. Send clothes for ironing, dispatch brother's old car.

Sunday, January 2, 2011