Tuesday, November 22, 2011

more woes

A friend sent me today an email saying that expatriate workers included in the list of 18 job categories will no longer be able to renew their residence permit effective 7 January 2012.

The email is so alarming since I already changed my job profession that matches my current job two months back, a requirement that was enforced by Saudi Labor Ministry mid of September. This is so freaking me out that my category fell on a profession that is already earmarked for locals in Saudi Arabia.

After a disturbing start this week regarding the impending "poor annual performance appraisal" that my boss is cooking for me, another blow for my work in the Kingdom is hanging like a sword on my head.

Parang nasa bahay lang ako ni Big Brother naghihintay ng forced eviction sa tunay ng bahay at buhay.

1 comment:

Mugen said...

Ahh Saudiazation. Response ng KSA sa Arab Spring. :?

Sana okay lang ikaw Mommy.