Monday, November 21, 2011

life sucks

It's one of the worst days of the year.

"You always give me wrong answers, Edgar," my boss said after he asked me why the employee does not have our bank partner's account.
Apparently, the boss was annoyed that he has to sign an inch thick of documents including payroll, bank transfer forms, appreciation letters, and personnel requisition among the many papers I handed him first thing in the morning.

His tone of voice and obvious display of unappreciation on my never-ending pile of works echoed when I read his email about the annual appraisal. His arrogance this morning could pull me down in this appraisal time, which means no annual performance bonus in March.

Well, I already know how discriminating my boss is. While people in the Philippines expect this time to be jolly, the struggling migrant worker lowers its happy mode to record level. Parang drought lang ang peg.

Tasks for the week: scout for room to rent (bawas gastos for the year), dialogue with string house manager back home (dagdag padala, thus dagdag gastos or scout for new house bantay), purchase and activate internet data roaming SIM card, send monthly amortization plus monthly allowances for house managers, close deals on downlines for vmobile and TVI for this month. Send clothes for ironing, dispatch brother's old car.

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Mugen said...

Kaya mo yan Mommy. Ang hirap nga pag ang amo mo ay banyaga.