Saturday, March 7, 2009

the week that was

I wanted to blog. However, my thoughts are all too mixed up with my feelings and the things that have been stirring my week.

Later, my work will fill my week but I have to jot down some bits and pieces of what I can recall that made my week.

Tardiness was the issue of the week. My boss have been monitoring mine ang my colleagues arrival in the office following a very poor attendance last month. I had two beyond 15-minutes late in February. That was not good in spite of the fact that I am the least to have tardiness.

Thus the daily monitoring.

Now I have to sleep so that I could wake up in time for the seven o’clock preparation to office.

Aside from tardiness I also committed one big blunder in the payment of the final installment of the annual life and medical insurance premiums. I missed deducting the January Credit Notes from the premium.

After I reported the error, my boss also discovered that he also used a wrong formula in the review of my calculations. We, however, revised it before the company paid the wrong amount.

Before this, a number of shits had hit the pan in our department that caused one head to roll. What a pity.

But there are also good things that are surging to end with happy notes.

Zambo, who I fondly called Daddy, is about to be reunited with his wife and daughter here. His change of profession is about to be completed and he would be entitled to acquire a visa for his family.

The happy daddy is now busy left and right in preparing a new home for his family.

Meanwhile, while we are recomputing the insurance premium, my supervisor, Abdullah called to inform me that he had just talked to my sponsor whom he has pleaded to transfer my sponsorship to one of my company’s agencies.

According to Abdullah, my sponsor promised to issue my release letter as soon as he would receive a declaration that he is cleared of any responsibilities with me.

Apparently, the obstacles of my sponsorship transfer would soon be overcome.

There are other problems though that hit me but these are bearable that could be another theme for next entry.

Life goes on.

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