Saturday, February 21, 2009

sponsors and devils

My boss went ballistic again over my non completion of sponsorship transfer. He uttered words like I don’t care, be jailed, will fire you, and more.

I kept my cool. I didn’t get affected. Whatever he says, I just listen to it and put a shield that I will be okay.

I remained focus and finished all the works I line up for the day. I processed two new recruits that arrived today from two countries. Only one more recruit from India is forthcoming for this year as the company had imposed a global freeze on hiring vis-a-vis global economic meltdown, credit crunch, depression, etc. The remaining recruit, I heard is a cousin of my boss’s wife and a co-religious believer of another God of the company.

Earlier, the remaining guy had similar problem on his sponsorship transfer but the company got him a new work visa. He was sent home with a new visa and absorbed directly under the company sponsorship with his salary package almost doubled. While processing his visa back in India, he also got paid in advance for the two months that he was given to complete the visa processing.

I also finished the payroll for all sub-contracted employees including the drivers, teaboys, electricians and janitors.

Before going home, I called my current sponsor who promised me to transfer with “no problems.”

I have to meet my sponsor later this week. I pray to God that this issue hanging on top of my head will soon be over.

I also called my friends and some clients. It was a day. Whew.

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