Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fire in the office

Friends are calling and emailing me of job vacancies in Riyadh and other Mid-East countries. Most of these friends know how my work is overloaded and how I am treated in this office.

Well, some of my co-workers may have pitied me but probably also eager to kick me out of my post. While others are exchanging reactions and opinions on job vacancies, others call me on where to have their lunch as I scramble for which work do I have to finish first. Earlier, another employee was calling to inform me that he will be going to a fine-dining restaurant at 4PM. Probably he has no better way to spend his performance bonus. Hmmm.

While bleeding due to the side effects of a doctor-prescribed warfarin, my boss called me to ask where my colleague was and screamed at me when told that my colleague sent me SMS saying he is sick and he is not coming to the office.

Probably threatened of his clout, he asked me to the tenor if I am being disrespectful of not having informed him first.

The question should have been, why did the fuc_ing employee send me the SMS and not the boss. Should the present employee be at fault than the absent employee? Duh.

Meanwhile, the employee that is now tasked to prepare the payroll for contractual workers is very happy that I have done his job as instructed by the boss. The payroll newbie, however, asked me a favor.

He said he lost the “remarks” that I prepared earlier.

His “remarks” are scripted letters to employees to ask them to submit their daily time record. The poor guy could not compose a letter. What an employee.

Another employee this morning asked me when should I be transferred directly to the company.

“The Gods don’t like me,” I quipped as I recalled the last time I asked to be transferred directly the sponsorship of the company my boss replied to me saying, “No. There is no question on that.”

This sucks. I better laugh it off.

But before I could laugh, the security guard called saying a name that is familiar with me.

A terminated employee wished to come up in the office but the colleague he wants to meet has gone to the bank. Am sure they were just eating breakfast there.

I could not entertain this stinking employee. He literally smells very badly.

As the day goes by, I heard from not one employee that my boss was scolded by the CEO for a colleague in the department made a big mistake not once but thrice about acquiring a visit visa.

“If this mistake happen once more, be prepared to terminate somebody, including you,” the rumor-monger quoted the CEP telling my boss.

This really sucks. This now could make me throw up.


Mugen said...

Lemme guess, your gods are the Arabs huh?

blagadag said...

@Mugen nope. the Gods are from Hyderabad, India. The Arabs are cool. They want me to be one of the gods, huh.