Friday, April 3, 2009

apologies daw oh

when chip tsao apologized and bowed his head in front of a number of filipino consulate officials and other human beings there, i wondered if the gesture was a sincere realization of fault or another 'i am sorry" drama popularized by gloria aroryo.

i do not know why but with these kind of apologies make me really doubt if i could forgive. at this point, i may be bitter because this kind of drama reminds me of those members of the popular couples of christ in riyadh who borrowed money from me but did not pay.

there are other members of singles of christ too who preferred to forget paying their share of the apartment telephone bills before while there are those friends of them that cried in my front in time of their need for money just to be able to borrow but was so fast in hiding when i approached them to collect their debts.

when i lost job for 18 months, nobody of these i thought were friends cared.

apologies or not, people are really sinners.

one has to have great sense of huge power of sensibilities to trust other people.

parang relasyon ng bading, dapat alamin kung love ba taaga ang umiirtal o piniperahan ka lang ng partner mo.

alamin din kung hatagera concepcion ba ang name mo kung inlababo ka. ako ba yun?

yes, it took me more than a decade to realize that my lover was only after my money and hearing him say sorry just reminds me of other sinners whom should never be trusted. they lost credibility.


Luis Batchoy said...

i think alam mo naman agad eh, nagpapaloko ka lang kasi naniniwala ka sa posibilidad na hindi ka talaga niloloko. Oh well. Ganun talaga blag.

Mugen said...

I understand where you are coming from. :)