Monday, July 13, 2009

am yours

“I belong to you”. These four words mean surrendering oneself to the second party but a participant in the workshop I attended contested that he only belongs to himself.

So egotistic. But I could not blame him. The native claims to be culturally “on top of everything” but not necessarily superior in my personal view. I hope the four-day workshop would turn him upside down as I intend to discover new ways of tackling life. Perhaps, later, I would reevaluate myself and my lifestyle and suit myself to what I will learn in the workshop.

The facilitator gave as an assignment on what shold be my new responsibility in life following the workshop.

I would surely be looking into loving myself and be in control of my emotions. After all, only me will be able to manage my well-being.

I would not be responsible for the degradation of life and my community. I will be for a healthy and tension-free life.


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