Saturday, July 25, 2009


Like each day that I change my underwear, I love change. NOT CHARTER CHANGE.

Yes. As an overseas Filipino worker, I want to change not the Philippine constitution but the kind of services that the Philippine embassy should extend to the Filipinos in Riyadh. I want them to be more effective, more reaching out to the distressed and exploited Filipinos. More action than words of promises.

More jail visitations and not condemnation of Filipino prisoners. I want them to change from hosting more parties and festivities to a more socially-relevant events and to do concrete actions towards educating the OFWS and effecting change in order to redeem the credibility and superiority of the Filipino worker.

Change the image of the Philippine embassy officials to sgenuine public servant rather than sitting ducks and arm-chair diplomats.

Until there are no more distress calls from abused OFWs and jailed OFWs that I receive regularly, change is the order of the day. Now na!


Knox Galen said...

I will follow your lead. Magkakaroon rin ako ng Blog Action Day. Thanks for the heads-up. (hugs)

blagadag said...

thanks for visiting mr beautiful body & brain. get well soon hunk.