Thursday, May 7, 2009


Just few minutes ago, Elmer called me up accusing me of spreading rumors about his inability to pay loans.

Apparently, a friend of Elmer has spoken to him about a woman looking for my office-mate in order to collect a nearly year-old loan amounting to about SR5000. Two of Elmer’s friends had guaranteed him of his loan and now the guarantors are worried about Elmer’s absence.

Elmer has taken an in-Kingdom vacation and has collected his two-month salary. One of the guarantors told me that they could no longer locate Elmer after he promised that part of the two-month salary is already earmarked for payment of his loan. Three of Elmer’s cell phone is no longer reachable plus the discovery that Elmer moved to a new apartment.

I used my network to locate Elmer and even before I could get information on where Elmer is staying, the loan-evader harassed me of spreading rumors about him.

As far as I called recall, it was my boss who informed me of Elmer having abused the facility of salary advance.

As a Filipino, I felt embarrassed that Elmer has been requesting salary advance each first week of the month.

Now, the Finance Chief has cut his salary advance addiction.

The bottom line is this Filipino can not manage fianc├ęs in spite of the fact that he works in the Finance Department.

I wonder why some Filipinos, even how high-paying their job is could not learn how to save and manage their finances.

I remember my dear boyfriend who always reminds me of his favorite quote.

“Success is not measured on how much salary you get when working overseas; it always depends on how much you save for your future.”

I realized, when Elmer called me, he was more aggressive in protecting his wasteful lifestyle.

Incidentally, I have to collect monies that friends owed me. These so called friends need to realize that aside from the monetary amount that I am after, it is the principle of gathering respect after I trusted them of my hard-earned money. Instead, I got rebuked. What a pity.


. said...

agree ako sa iyo. may mga tao na kahit anong laki ng sweldo hindi pa rin nito mapagkasya.

nagbabasa pa rin. :)

Fahad said...

add me

Kiks said...

meron talagang mga taong sila na ang umutang, sila pa ang galit.

blagadag said...

maraming salamat at nagbabasa ka pa rin. dalangin ko pa rin na liligaya ka rin, pagdating ng panahon. belated happy mother's day sa mommy mo. kiss her for me while i pray for his graduation, soon. ;)