Friday, January 16, 2009


Zambo is the best buddy I ever have. He is always reliable. very few times he told me he is busy and could not extend a helping hand but he always make it sure that I feel his presence when I need him.

Zambo is happily married to Marissa and they have an eight year old girl in Zamboanga.

Zambo wants to bring his family here in the Saudi capital to live with him. I could imagine, Zambo would no longer have a time for me.

But seeing Zambo happy would also makes me happy, I guess.

Zambo used to work in a computer store. I saw him at work. He is salesman and sometimes cashier. He was poorly paid then. His store is just across my flat. When one room that was being rented was vacated in my flat, Zambo decided to take the room but in order to afford it, he tagged along with him his two friends that sometimes become six.

When his contract expired, Zambo got another offer as business development manager of an Internet Café. He made four branches during his stint before I recruited him to join our company as System Operator in the IT Department.

There are so many things I would like to write about Zambo but I always get messed up.

I am even confused of writing my feelings towards him.

Yesterday, I told him my true feelings.

“Alam ko na yun,” he quipped as he smiled like a child.


Mugen said...

May nagbago ba sa paraan ng pag-treat niya sa iyo?

blagadag said...

walang changes. super bait nya pa rin. kumain kami sa isang pinoy resto, nilbre nya pa rin ako. kahapon, he popped in my flat to collect the letter that he would send though his freind. today, he called me in my office and shared what he did during the day. i could not resist, i went to his workstation so i could just see him. he still is gorgeous.

kiel said...

parang my 'man of the moon' is your zambo. wag ka mag-worry sa confused feelings, katulad nya, alam mo na yon!

Luis Batchoy said...

my mom was in zamboanga when she was regnant with me, hence my nickname is stir.