Friday, January 9, 2009

lalaki sa banyo

While looking for my house plan, I instead found photographs of boys who had taken a bath in my bathroom inside my bedroom. Palagay ko marami pa pero di ko nakunan ng pictures ng mga time na yon.

He was the guy whom I thought would be the one. He is into technology. He even mounted solar panels in my backyard and made it operational. I sent him to continue his college days only to be frustrated. He was playing flames in my back. He had an affair with his aunt and impregnated her aunt’s friend. Very sad.

Here is J. He is very funny. He lost his front teeth but has a very lovable abs. He has not finished high school but is now struggling to finish it through a Sunday school. He is a very good textmate but very wily when in person. He keeps on promising but always run away when he thinks he could not bear to unbear in front of me.

his first bath in my room was so hilarious. J took a bath with me with his cousin who was totally nude. That was very rare.

J took another bath with his friend M. Hmmm, where was that picture...

This is J. Though he is very malambing. He is also very demanding and seloso.

J has another friend.


Jong is great though he has so many textmates. Jong is also on Sunday school wanting to finish his high school.

This is Papa R.

I met him in Riyadh and was surprised to know that he is my neighbour in Davao. We had a night stand that was later followed by another. It ran through the years until in more than a year when I called it done.

Then, here comes my bebeh.

He prefers to be on my bed though but always go to the bathroom before going to bed. He is sooooo sweet and hot.

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Mugen said...

Cute pa rin yung bebe mo. Walang biased dun ha!