Tuesday, January 6, 2009

munting kubo

It’s been five years since I stopped my house construction. I got fed up of the skyrocketing price rise of building materials that I slowed down. The construction went to a dead stop when I was unceremoniously laid off by my newspaper after working there for 15 years.

I got unemployed for 18 months and went on hibernation. Before I lost my mind, I was able to find solace in an old fling. A man whom I know is a womanizer. Our old friendship rekindled the flame we once, twice, nth played with much outrage and gusto.

Four months later, I decided to call it quits. I left my fling after I discovered that he fathered another baby with a fourth woman. I flew back to the Saudi capital and scouted for a job.

I got one. And nearly two years after landing a not so glorious work, I found myself wanting to slowly restart my house construction.

I frantically looked for some pictures of my house. A weekend past including a new year’s day and I could not find my house plan.

Then suddenly I remembered, I had a kept an ageing 10GB hard disk drive.

The perspective. This is 60 percent done.

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