Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I tried to set a good day by reading Mandaya’s old postings. I finished all the entries already with a number of laughers I coud not help bursting. Obviously, I am happy with Mandaya’s love life. I wish to meet him and Kulot plus their gay freinds, too.

After four hours in the net, I stood up from my bed and prepared breakfast. I remembered that beb reminded me to take breakfast today since he was worried that I skipped breakfast yesterday. Tom Jones na rin. There was nothing that my taste buds crave for so I satiated myself with what were available, dried pusit and boneless danggit, boiled rice and banana shake.

While cooking, a txt message from my bestfreind said that my lover was “nagnilabad.”

Wala daw gibayad ang pangmatrikula nga gihatag sa iyang cousin nga gusto magpa eskwela sa iyaha.

After finishing my breakfast, I texted my beb.

He admitted and tried to explain that the money is intact and that he was still unable to pay the tuition because the money is not enough.

While my thoughts are lingering if my beb wants additional money from me, I quickly dismissed the idea. My scholarship foundation has been closed.

Enough of these paeskwela kwela. Way pulos. Daghan gastos, way graduates.

My mood has already been distracted. I am stressed out again.

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MANDAYA MOORE: Ang bayot sa bukid said...

ayaw kainggit day, labad pud usahay si kulot. arangan na lang karon