Saturday, July 10, 2010


was supposed to write another blog about my old, old friends that i gathered during my recently concluded vacation.

was wondering on how to start about it.

they were old activists, mass supporters, middle class comrades, a gay reactionary, and an observer.

we were watching the big night of the pbb and we were so noisy, according to a young teen guest.

but am now hungry. i was contemplating of what to eat thinking of the four kilos i lost during my seven-week state visit, huh.

i also thought of my doctor's facial expression upon seeing my blood pressure going down.

so did attack the ref. brought out the fresh fish, veges, and made sinigang.

ang asim.

kain tayo, joms.


Mu[g]en said...

Salamat mommy!!

Kakakain ko lang dito. Hehehehe

jericho said...

aba.. at naka-7 weeks ka sa pinas. inggit!

blagadag said...

at dalawang beses kitang dinaanan. hayaan mo sa susunod, bababa ako sa yo para hubaran kita. pwamis.