Friday, July 9, 2010

bakasyon 2010

vacation 2010

my much needed vacation came and go. seven weeks passed and my rnr is done like a blink of an eye.

am back in Riyadh and noticed that two emails were waiting for my attention. so sorry for that.

so many things happened back home and I could categorically say that it was the most meaningful vacation I had in 20 years.

had some repairs and fixing done in my pad at binangonan while enjoying bebe’s company. On the other hand, the floor tiles in my house standing not very near a beach in davao are almost done. one of the guys who helped paint my windows was so hot and cute that made my vacation more meaningful. way to go. more money needed.

most happy was when my friends of more than 30 years came over and my nearby family were also there for a lunch.

went back to my state-university in nearby province and gathered more information needed for my retirement plans. felt so good albeit nostalgic.

i was happy flying back to work. recharged and feeling accomplished. my officemates noticed that I may have lost a maximum of five kilos while another manager said I came back 10 years younger. Whew.

so stress-free. Love the friendly white cat, mingra, I met in my house. So playful. the blue and green-eyed feline is so “feeling close” to play inside my bedroom ahead of my lover of the night

my lovelife and sexlife were also “plenty”.

am so in much in love.


Abou said...

wow vacation makes us younger indeed!!!

Mu[g]en said...

Glad you had a well-spent vacation mommy. Sana next time na bumalik ka eh magkita na tayo. Ingat lagi diyan. Aabangan ko ang iyong mga kwento.


ikotoki said...

Woots! Glad you had a blast! And more boys! :p