Monday, November 24, 2008

wifi connect and prison break

The soul mate I have here got me a DSL line in his name to allow me unlimited Internet line. Of course, the monthly dues will be on me but Zambo he got me the subscription and he installed the cable wires lining from the front gate to the back of the four-storey building and up to the third level where my flat is located.

He did this noontime till 3 PM because he has to work from 4PM till midnight.

I got Zambo his IT job in the company where I was working for the past two years and he has been transferred directly to the credit card company as his sponsor, unlike me.

Anyhow, in the next few minutes, the local telco company will deliver the DSL modem and I will be online as long as I want.

While waiting, I am starting to view this Prison Break Season 1, 2 and 3 that Zambo brought me.

By the way, I had myself absent from work. Am not feeling well.


Luis Batchoy said...

Zambo is my nicky nick... its a short cut for Zamboanga, where my mother was when she was pregnant with me

blagadag said...

yes. zambo is from zamboanga, too. he is from the same place where the first guy who kissed and had sex with me live. zambo is married but he and his wife are very nice to me. yesterday, their only daughter had her 7th birthday. the party was attended by more than 200 persons in zamboanga.

jericho said...

karerin ang Prison Break? wag masyadong manood. baka mabinat. ;)

blagadag said...

dont worry Aa, i survived Prison Break. My blod pressure went up during the first Season and I was absent for two days. But it's ok, I was able to get a medical report that got my boss nod and approved my sick leave. I was also able to get the Season 4 from my favorite crush in the office. Finished the whole thng last week. Now, am down with nothing to watch while waiting for the work resumption on Saturday following our nine-day haj vacation here. Thanks for the concern anyways. Regards to Monchang, Bu and Kiks.