Saturday, November 22, 2008

to hell

To hell with the MTRCB. This Philippine government-funded agency is a total waste of money and resources.

Scolding the Philippines’ largest news network over an interview aired in its prime news program about an interview with MILF’S Kumander Bravo, is really moronic stance.

Opposing to an anti-government statement like that of Bravo is understandable especially from MTRCB, which is fully known as the state’s censorship bureau.

But scolding the messenger of the news is a total crap. Where are they? Where have they from? The MILF has long been there. Their cause has long been understood by a growing number of concsientisized Filipinos.

An MTRCB making a scene after the GMA government betrayed the MILF with the peace process is a cheap act.

Enough MTRCB. You’re never relevant. Always out of touch with reality.

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