Saturday, November 15, 2008

bed make-over

Three weeks ago, I was able to buy a four-pillow pack at SR12. I was thrilled to see it on my bed when I checked it out. I decided I have to go back to that store and buy one more pack. I also got a SR79-bookshelf. When I went back two weeks after, they are all gone, including the bookshelf. I was really dismayed.

Tonight, my co-worker enticed me to a hypermarket selling a SR132 colored cell phone. Since I decided to give my nephew a cell phone after helping my bestfreind brushed Solignum on my windowpanes, I went to the mall. My co-worker joined me only to find out that the branch that we went to was not the mall that he got his cell phone. The branch has no supply of the same cell phone he was talking about.

Imbes na makatipid sa cell phone gumastos ako ng pamasahe na walang pakinabang.

I strolled around the hypermarket and luckily, I found a six-pack white pillowcase bag at SR12.95. I also have a white, fitted-bed sheet or mattress cover that would match my pillowcases at the same price. I only need a white duvet cover to complete my bed make-over for this season.

My visual artist brother has taught me that a quarterly make-over would help provide excitement to the boring routinely work of an OFW. True, not only the accumulated dust and clutters are cleaned but also the homesickness is swept after a make-over is done.

I am excited.

My friend that probably sensed that I was dismayed with our mall-ing, treated me at Kudu. I ate fish fillet and green salad.

Yummy. Not a bad night to spent after a busy day at work.

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