Friday, October 17, 2008

swing or fly

Watching GMA, no, not Gloria, Good Morning America make me smile today. While I am still trying to grab more sleep, I heard the news anchors talking about how crtical that swing voters would turn the poll results into the opposite.

Michelle Obama was, smart, to answer how her husband is not focusing on the poll results but on how the voters should register to cast their votes.

They discussions on the 08 elections are really eating the air waves with the poll issues..

In the Philippines, this could not be the duyan. Swing? Nope. Fly.

Yes, Flying voters make the elections. And the Pinoy legislators know this as evinced by the non-realizattion of the poll automation bill.

Swing or fly. It makes sense (stupid, though), not make their mind.

Flying Voters. As the Philippine elections is also gearing up, rich politicians are now oiling their machineries to fly high.

Hop in Flying Voters.

Swing the votes.

Then go to hell, if you want.


Ate Sienna said...

basta ako OBAMA-MAMA! (kahit hindi pa ako pwedeng bumoto, mwahahahahaha!!!)

blagadag said...

go obama! go!