Friday, October 17, 2008

friday fun

After my vacation last August, I have become so protective if not possessive of my weekends. I always reserve these days for my rest and laundry and housecleaning.

Of course with the boob tube almost always on.

It was almost 4 o’clock when my phone rang. I had just finished ironing five clothes and a pair of slacks.

It was my supervisor asking for some employees’ profiles and the new employee numbers. He was preparing the payroll for permanenet employees while I was doing the outsourced staff.

I could hear his upset voice. I directly told him I that I do not do employee profile and pointed him to our colleague, who is always in charge of these stuffs.

“Why should I be asked for Employees’ profile when it is not my job?, I asked him. “It is your job because Badr is on vacation,” he replied. “Oh, that is my job now. Ok it is my job, don’t asked me where are those then because it is only now that I know I have to make those freakin profile,” I told him.

After two hours, I decided to drop everything and went to the office to do the profile.

My Supervisor was surprised to see me at the office. Although I could see his smile because he knows that I would be of so much help to him while the he is preparing the payroll.

As usual, I hear his monthly lamentation on how he hates doing the payroll. “The fucking software is still the same, malfunctional,” he told me.

I was not surprised.

I reviewed all the overtime payment requisition so that he could include in the payroll.

It was a long night, an overtime work without pay.

However, before I reached home, I had a great fun. It was more than a pay.


kiel said...

so you fucked abdullah? sorry naguluhan ako. haha.

happy ending naman pala eh...

blagadag said...


not abdullah. read my august 19 2007 entry. yesterday, i think was the eighth times we did it. i lost count. kasi noong una, parang once every quarter. sarap talaga. sanay' maulit muli.

Ate Sienna said...

ayyy.. nakonfyus din ako, akala ko may nangyari sa inyo ni abdullah. mwahahaha!!

hayy.. eh di happy ka? hehe, nakakaalis ba ng tensyon at pagod?

blagadag said...

hihihi. obvious kasing cut yung story ano? nanginginig pa kasi sa nerbyos na baka may dumating bigla at kalampagin kami. hahahahayy. sarap. rectal rejoice. ching! i will elaborate on this karengkengan pag natanggal na yung pinaghalong takot at excitement.