Monday, October 20, 2008

atasyem uli

Eto pa ang isang nakakabaliw na blunder.

On the recent execution of an OFW in Jeddah.

The Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs maintained that the government assisted Jenifer Bedoya from the very beginning of the judicial process and exerted “last ditch effort” to save him.
“The problem is that the family refused to forgive [Bedoya],” Esteban Conejos, the DFA’s Undersecretary for Migrant Workers Affairs said Monday said.

Even king is powerless

He explained that even the King of Saudi Arabia is powerless to grant clemency if the family of the victim refuses to forgive Bedoya.
Under Sharia’h law, Conejos said the crime of murder produces two effects: one is the public aspect of the case and the private right aspect of the case.
“The only way to address this issue is for the family to waive this right to ‘Quisas’--the right to demand the equivalent penalty--and forgive the accused in exchange sometimes for blood money. This has been the focus of assistance that the government extended to Mr. Bedoya. Unfortunately, the family adamantly refused in spite of all our efforts to reach out to them,” he said.
The DFA, he said, learned about Bedoya’s possible execution on the morning of the execution day.
No prior notice
“There was no prior notice of the execution. The moment the Royal decree of execution is issued, anytime he can be executed, and there was a strong possibility that they will carry the execution on that day,” he said.
Immediately, a consular team was dispatched to the prison to make representations with prison authorities if they could suspend the execution.
“And even in the place of execution itself, our consular officers were there. Our ambassador was calling the family--last ditch effort to save the life of Mr. Bedoya,” he said.
“To the last minute, we were calling the family. Our lawyers also called up the family and they said ‘No, we will insist on our rights’. Our ambassador was on the phone all the time, our consul general in Jeddah was also on the phone,” he said.

Eh kung talagang kumilos sila upang maisalba nila yung bilanggong pupugutan ng ulo, bakit sa mga report nila, ni hindi nila nakuha ang tamang pangalan ng OFW?



reyna elena said...

nag-init ako sa news na to! grr! sorry, i could have picked up the story kaso medyo busy, thanks for dropping by!

the spool artist said...

wow, this is terrible news... i sympathize for the family of this ofw and despise arabia's weird laws... hope this doesn;t happen again...

Ate Sienna said...

alam mo, bad triff na news yan. pero what else is new? we don't have any power at all ANYWHERE pagdating sa mga ganyang matters. Sa mata ng mga arabo, unfortunately, we don't really matter dahil wala tayong pull.

pero having said that and looking at the news, feeling ko hindi rin gumalaw ng husto ang embassy natin to protect bedoya. ito ang pinakamalaki kong disappointment sa mga consulates natin. di ko alam kung kulang ba tayo sa pondo o hindi lang nila kebs lang talaga...


jericho said...

kurek. kainis.