Tuesday, January 1, 2008

nu yir

i left my cellphone at d office, my newly fixed car got burned in the street. house was in disarray with wet clothes hanging, and soaked clothes scattered in the bathroom, courtesy of my flatmate. these were the bad things that rained on me when i left the office for the last working day of 2007.

on the first day of 2008, i was late for nearly an hour when i reached the office since it is working day in riyadh. lunch time, a bad news struck me. my sister who had neck cancer, called to inform me that our eldest brother is now in the icu of a hospital in davao city. apparently, manong had a stroke last 30th of december. he went to a doctor and was advised to undergo an ecg. he did not.

jan 1, early morning he was rushed to the hospital after our second eldest brother in naga convinced him to see a doctor and a cardiologist.

manong is afraid of hospitals and doctors. my late father told me before that manong has a phobia n needles.

hahay. nu yir.

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