Thursday, February 25, 2010


A look back at the gate of my university days makes me smile. Who would not when it brings back beautiful and fond memories of my true friends, romance, old flames and lost virginity inside that more than 10,000 hectares of vast agricultural state university.

Last night, thanks to Facebook, I chanced upon a name of an old flame..

Mashala! Parang timang akong nakangising asong tigang.

The photos of the university radio station surprised me. That facility among other things have been the bone of contention during our campus struggle almost three decades ago. The fa├žade of the Engineering Building is now standing tall with a satellite dish while the tennis courts are all freshly painted.

There are also old buildings like the Cafeteria where an overcooked adobong string beans became an inspiration of protest songs inside the campus. Although aside from those songs, romance with my first ever love developed. There are the old College building where now a few quickies were done innocently.

It was in the men’s dormitory where I was once tagged as the queen.

But this blog is about a handsome boy who once lived at the back of the dorm. Actually there were three cutie guys that lived at the back of my dorm.

One, later became a shower buddy while the second guy slept with me once at my friend’s house.

The third is tukayo. We once hit it inside a rest room of a resto bar just outside the university and we never met again until I bumped on him in Riyadh a decade ago. Obviously, a more interesting and outrageous event occurred on my bed.

Tukayo is now back in Mindanao who is eagerly sharing me his life through FB. He now has two cute sons who are now in college.

Hay buhay.


Galen said...

Mommy ang saya naman ng buhay mo nung College! Haha, sa totoo wala akong ganyan. Masyado pa akong bata nun. :)

blagadag said...

@ Galen

masaya naman ang buhay mo after college. ni hindi ko alam kung saan ang bed at chelu ba yun. never had a night life at ermita. feeling ko, napakapangmayaman ang mga lugar na ginigimikan mo. waley. but seriously, i miss my former lovers. i wish i could see them all one by one once more.

anteros' dominion said...

SARAP naman ng buhay kolehiyo mo sir.


blagadag said...

@ antero salamat. pero sana nga ay totoo ang kantang, "sana'y maulit muli." andami talagang masasayang nakaraan noong kolehiyala pa ako. andoon yung may bigla na lang mag iimbitang tabi kaming matulog sa kama nya. meron din yung may sumasabay makipag shower sa cubicle. at andoon din yung may sasabay sa iyong tanghalian at bibigyan ka ng ulam nya at ihahatid ka sa dorm pag uwi at meron din yung itatago kang pauwi sa dorm at pahigain sa kama nya pagkat akoy lasing na lasing at nag uumapaw na ang lahat sa aking lalamunan.

dyos ko po. saan na sila? crispin? basilio?

ikotoki said...

I should have gone to the dorm when I was in college. drat.