Thursday, February 18, 2010


It’s my week-end and probably my last one in Riyadh for a while.

While my favorite blogger is feeling guilty after escaping work for a day, am also contemplating of rushing to Manila and Davao to run away from the rigors of work.

I suddenly felt burning out. I wanna run out of the office before I scream on the face of my superiors. Yesterday, I argue and almost lost my cool against my office-mates.

Although bebeh wants me to go home on mid May, I really have to take a break.

All I need now is to get my boss final approval next week and find a cheap round trip air ticket back home.

I had my work lined up for the whole week including orienting my officemate of my daily and monthly tasks. I just hope I could finish the February payroll by then.

Also, I still need to pack the things I have to ship and bring home. Whew.

I urgently need that good hard body massage.


Galen said...

Mommy, hope you'll get that vacation you deserve. I felt guilty because I woke up late and didn't do anything significant during my "holiday" ngayon, yung sup ko naman ang nag-absent.

Dhon said...

i understand.. sometimes we need it for our own sanity.. :)