Monday, July 9, 2007

Closing to end or Closer to God

My sister called me today to know how my brother and I are doing in Riyadh. I have been planning to call her in California to know how she is coping with her radiation therapy.

One more session and by next month my sister would have her medical leave of absence from work.

We really pray that the cancer would be gone in her neck and her whole body.

She said the radiation therapy has lost her sense of taste and all food would be tasteless. The only good thing about this, according to my dearest sister is she would be losing weight.

Sores have started appearing in my sister’s mouth but my sister has to eat food otherwise she would be tube-feed with liquids.

Ate Lily and her family have shifted to brown rice.

She was also enthusiastic to say that she had lunch a while ago with her son, PJ, who has shifted course to BS Business Management.

I also miss so much my nephew, PJ who grew up in our ancestral house with my parents while my sister used to worked in Jeddah before she moved to the U.S. of A.

I told my sister that Manong Boy, our eldest brother, also misses my Ate Lily and worries about her situation.

I hope everything will soon be all right with my sister. She was worried with her house monthly amortization and the two cars that she is paying with earnings from her double job. Now that she is sick, who would pay for this if she would not be able to work back.

My sister said she gets tired easily especially at work these days with her radiation therapy.

God please let my sister recuperate and live longer.

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