Sunday, August 29, 2010

di rin masaya

Am so confused. I need to calm down.

Friday was a bummer. I learned that my bank account in the Saudi capital was frozen. Eh kasasahod lang noong Wednesday at di ako nakapag withdraw. Takot ako.

All banks here requires all depositors to update all information almost annually. I recently renewed my iqama or residence permit after replacing my lost foreign worker’s permit. Automatically, I know I had to update my information, which I did two weeks ago.

Went to an ATM machine before I did my groceries but instead of churning monies, the machine alerted me to visit the nearest administrator of the nearest bank branch. Whew.

I knew it would happen. The same thing happened some three years ago. They were not able to encode the necessary information in their system. Duh.

I tried internet banking. Transfer money to zambo’s bank account. Did not work. I was even alarmed when it stated I had no enough amount to transfer. Screeeaaaammm.

Saturday, first day of work of the week, I felt like an overheated robot. Even if I tried to speed up my work, there was no way I could squeeze time and visit m bank.

When work was done, banks had closed for the day these time of the holy month of fasting. Work schedules are shorten and ours are just similar to any banking hours.

The sun set and the breaking of the fast is almost near. I tried to transferring money. It did.

I got zambo to bring me the money. Went to send money back home.

Now am sad again after counting what has left from me. Haiz.

I thought I could buy a pair of slacks and new neck ties but. Haiz

I thought i could buy a new laptop or a second hand desktop. Haiz.

I thought I could buy a new SLR camera. Haiz.

Well, I was able to buy more food stuff to last me for a week or so.

salamat po, lord!


Mu[g]en said...

Sabi nga nila, be grateful to everything we get, big and small. :)

blagadag said...

musta ka mugs? musta na si kutong lupa? at si mami athena? hope ok na sya. ingat ka lagi.