Saturday, November 26, 2011

hello world

It’s been a week that I was keeping to myself the sad feelings of losing a best friend after reading the most annoying SMS message from him. An exchange of messages thru FB last Thursday and Friday, which I arranged hoping that the schism would be ironed out, proved more fatal. I was ready to lose him from my house and in my life.

As I resumed work this Saturday. At the lobby, I was welcomed by non-functioning elevators leading me to climb the stairs till seventh floor. Before the climb, I almost absented myself and headed home to get more sleep. But my load of work was on my mind, thus work prevailed. My heart beat went so fast that my heart seemed to explode. As I sat down and attended to my daily routine, three SMS churned out, two morning greetings from my babe and one from my former best friend.

To my surprise, the best friend cum house manager asked for forgiveness after realizing his mistakes. An explanation of having nobody to speak to on his problems and getting into self-pity on his financial situation was enough for me to understand him. I know, his financial predicaments was brought about by his love, priority and high regards to his family that he cannot say no, whenever his niece or sisters ask for financial help for their education even if it leaves him penniless.

Accepting my friend would entail more financial responsibility too. This time, we will both pay our SSS loans and monthly dues for our impending retirement. What are friends for?

Not all is well, though. I got diarrhea today, probably after all the tension was gone. Hmmmmfpt.

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